Leveling a TaeK in 9x

Started by Usagimimi, Aug 31, 2011, 11:45 PM

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So, the lowest rates I've leveled at Taek at was 25x.

I have played lower than 9x (see: 5/5/4), but not with a Taek.

Just wondering. I'm almost 57/42. I was at Payon Cave until 41, and then shifted to Metalings. I'm getting around 1.5% (which is still somewhat OK) but am wondering if there is a more efficient spot given the rates?

Dean Stark

You could try Les at Mosc 1 or Porcellio at Ein field 9. Surely those give larger exp than Metaling and you could exploit their fire weakness.


Siromas in ice dungeon 1, you need realy low flee to avoid most of their attacks, but be carefull, they have some stun attack
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