Jump kick with 18 Party members >_<

Started by timeofro, Mar 08, 2013, 02:01 AM

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The server I'm playing on has 3000-9000 pop

So the GM make party size bigger from 12 to 18 to promote party leveling

Then it just came out with Kihop skill ( increase Taekwon atk relate to how many party member online in same map )

The result of 18 member multiplying ATK is 1 Hit kill Kathyrine Keyron ( Biolab3 High Wizard ) with ordinary equipments

Here's my TKM use Hatred on High wiz and jump kick in biolab3 party

Lab TKM @ freelife

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That damage. Bet the others were leeching out XD but a good one out~ /no1

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What server even has a population of 9000? :o


I think only official servers can have that population or maybe their just bot/afk
The image in the avatar is from RivalRO and I am open to server(s) that meets my needs without any stupid player package


Their website shows 6395 players on at the moment and I saw 9000 and something at the time of his post. If it's manipulated or not, it's a thing to be discussed in another topic/section but it seems to be a super populated server.

If you want to know the server, go check ad section - low rates, check the post he made there too [Sorry for doing it this way but if we give that much freedom people will abuse it as you may know :( ] .

And wasn't Kihop "bugged" on eathena/rathena[or was it just eamod?] servers at 10+ members[or whatever it was related to this]? I remember someone telling me that because taekwons[yeah, not star gladiators] one-shot people at BG 20+ vs 20+ with fsk if you're not using full reduces and fsk isn't that powerful on officials.