How to kill the inca morrocs with SG?

Started by MysticNight, Dec 29, 2011, 07:06 PM

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I tried but I keep dying, I guess my gears arent good enough. :(


As far as I know the Angel one is impossible without dispell. It will reflect yr SG and kill you. The others should be possible with enough dex but the problem is getting it alone, if you move around too much you run the risk of being surprised by mobs around you.
You will need some movement speed gears like Peco Peco hari band(if yr server has it) and thereby some quick swapping to pull it off. Not impossible but quite hard q_q


Thanks a lot but I still fail. :/ I don't know why!
My equips are: (on RMS test server only)
book of billows with 3 AK
proxy with raydric
magni's cap
odin's blessing (bathory)
vital tree shoes
alice in stone buckler

I don't know exactly which skills to use on the monster (golem) to kill it fast. Do I need demon? How can I activate hatred and which bonus is more interesting?
Would stats like this: str 99 dex 99 be okay? Rest in vit of course


Just my opinion but I usually get a SL in the same account of a HP, marry the SL with the SG and use Kaahi on SG.
With that and assumpt is easy to kill up to 5 monsters and 1 valk at a time if you pot when needed.
Also for gears I use this:
3 ak book
Magni's cap
mid gear with vanberk if available
glit jacket +3 str with pasana/bathory to swap for golems if needed
stone buckler with alice
captain manteau with raydric
battle greaves with green ferus[firelock if you can make a +9 =p]

Why the garment and shoes from bg? +150 hp from them and that way you can get 10k hp because dmg isn't everything and you can just +5 everything and get the same def as with odin set :D
The reason I don't like bsb+shackles combo is just because of the hp dropping too much to give a decent survive rate :|

Dunno why you're using vital tree shoes since vit bonus suck on SG and the extra pot power isn't nothing special due to the modifier and proxy when both can't be used in anything except trans[unless the server you play has them working with non-trans].


Hey, thanks a lot for the suggestions. You're right, I need to change up my equips. :/
Which skills should I use on the golem? I don't know why, but on RMS test I can't get demon, and I've never played SG so I just get owned. What does a lot of dmg fast? I saw videos of SGs killing really fast on youtube.