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Author Topic: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)  (Read 6112 times)

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Offline Torte de Lini

Al'right, so I'm a TK Ranker on this server I joined. I'm currently second with a 8 point lead on everyone else.
I'll be remaining a TK Ranker, but I need good equips. They can't hold weapons, I know, but does +10 boots give them more power? I read somewhere that it might, it could be server-specific though.

Anyways, I wasn't sure what kind of build I should have. Does Wikebine work with Combo-skill kicks? Does Flee allow me to dodge spells and AOE spells? Silly questions, but it might bring me down the right path.

I was thinking, just roughly: Valk Shield + 10 with GTB or Maya or some Thara (Will probably have it hot-keyed to switch). + 10 boots with either Bishop or Amon Ra or something to raise my HP.

Odin's Blessing + 10 (I'm just thinking of the best build possible). with ghostring, or should I go with angeling? Evil Druid Card? Oh, about Tao Gunka O:

and Garment I have no idea, deviling? Raydric? Not too many cards out there for garments. Maybe Garm baby or Sin X.

Accessories was a tough one for me: Crit rings or Rosaries? I need a sight ability or should I have Maya P. for headgear? As for cards, no idea for headgear or accessories really D; Got any suggestions.

and as for a build for TK Rankers, I heard giving max str (or a divisible of 10) and enough Agi for close to max ASPD (enough so I can spam kicks) and dump the rest in dex and vit is good. Is there better? Do you think you can suggest something a lot more versatile?

Some info: No one has Thanatos yet, or any real MVP cards, the server is still small, but it's going to grow fast @[email protected]! MVP equips are easy to get since not a lot of people go after them yet, just busy lvling.

255/99 is the Max B. and J. Lvl. 80/80/20 is the rates.

P.s Grimtooth is really pissing me off lately, how do I reduce it's damage or get the Sin X who's invisible D:


Offline Sarin

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #1 on: Sep 14, 2008, 06:29 am »
Against SinX, get maya purple and horong card.

TK ranker on HR...I dunno if it's a good idea, all LR rankers are made for spamming kicks, keeping enemy stunned because their dps sucks...and on HR, with people imune to stun...

Flee will not allow you to dodge spells, you just have to use high jump and eventually hide (smokie card) to avoid them. Armor cards...well, ED definitely for switch with, maybe TG and GR? depends on skill of other people, if they frequently use converters, GR will become just anti-asura tool.
Garment...for TK, I think best would be some flee card and noxious. Or SinX if you can get it.
Shield is okay with thara and GTB for switching.
And Wikebine works only for normal melee, not skills.

Offline Torte de Lini

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #2 on: Sep 14, 2008, 08:36 am »
TKs can't use TG. Edit: OH TAO GUNKA XD LOL

and 80 is HR?

What does noxious do?
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Offline Sarin

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #3 on: Sep 14, 2008, 09:51 am »
Well...okay, it's not HR, I just seen +10 items, MvP cards...hell, gotta be HR. Sorry :) but anyway, with 255 max level, it'Ä‘ still the case...people imune to stun=ranker's bane.

noxious reduces ranged dmg by 10% and neutral dmg by 10%.

Offline Torte de Lini

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #4 on: Sep 18, 2008, 08:31 am »
I was thinking of: Glittering Jacket with Tao Gunka (Or should I get GR or Angeling?)
GTB on my Shield
Bishop on my Boots
Manteau with Deviling/ Sin X card
For headgear, not sure: Orc Hero, Marduk and uh...
Accessories sight card and I've yet to decide on something else.

Offline InFlamesWeTrust

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #5 on: Sep 19, 2008, 02:52 am »
Pharaoh for headgear, if it has multiple slots....  Use a angeling if if can get a priest to asperio, but I doubt that would matter  since people are probably using converters left and right.  SinX might be useful for little ambushes or some gorilla type strategy.  Remember to switch to a nox, raydric, ect when going head to head for that extra benefit after you uncloak.  Accessories....  I'd probably switch off between safety rings, sight cards, or... something. xD I'm absent minded right now, 'll come back if I think of anything good...

Offline Torte de Lini

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #6 on: Sep 19, 2008, 11:21 am »
Why a pharoh card? I have a lot of SP for kicks and just a little extra for running/ Jumping.

I thought of using rosaries because they have a slot and 4 MDef each :3~ Sight with something else. Hide for now, but another suggestion would be good.

What should my hit be? 400 or 500?

See, I was thinking: GTB card + deviling card (Deviling gives me more neutral reduction, but more on elemental attacks, add Angeling card and it evens out!) Massive Mdef with the headgear and Rosaries and I'm set, no? Major defense ;D
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Offline silever

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #7 on: Sep 19, 2008, 01:40 pm »
hey, is this for pvp and woe? my experience with TK ranker was a 25/25/25 and the max lvl is 150. i forgot the cap of stat was. So, wanted to ask whether your server stun immune is at 100, stat cap is at what  number, and how many stats are you able to max.

as a tk ranker, all you do is spam kicks. however, that is based on your aspd. i tend to get enough agi to hit 190aspd, not to the max due to how fast and accurate spamming i can do. if you can do it accurately at a higher aspd, go for it. (this is with a zerk pot). in any case, the only two kicks you should be spamming between is axe and counter. if the people arent stunable, i advise you to run away...or fly side kick them to get rid of link and pot. i forgot whether the whirlwind kick was as strong as the axe kick. if it is and if the person is not stunnable, use whirlwind instead, just in case the enemy gets some backup.

i havent played this guy for a year, but he was my most memorable character ever. you do need a maya p and a sight clip/accesory. you do not need a pharaoh card due to the sp cost of each kick is like 2. however, from experience, if the action is quite heavy whether its pvp or woe, most likely killing around 10 people will drain your sp even with the cost of each kick is low. for woe, you can pot. for pvp, i think you should just run back to town when ur done killing and out of sp. this leads to the fact that bishop would be a good card for woe since you can pot due to the minus of half of your sp. but in pvp, ...it depends on your server. overall its a good card, but be careful of your sp. watch how much is gone per kill for which class and you can find out whether its useful or not.

you do not want a crit ring due to the fact that when you try to start the combo, the crit can prevent you from getting the beginning stance to start the combo. plus, crit doesnt help the kicks. the people you cant kill are the unstunnable people, heavy def guys, sometimes snipers (if they arent stunnable), and sinx. once sinx uses edp, your pretty much screwed if they arent stunnable. if they are, just hope you start the combo up before they ahve the chance to attack.

i genrally just used gtb, thara, horn shield switch. as for garment, i used a punk card. i tested out my aspd and adjusted my build so that even when in the lvl 1 quag, i would still have 190 aspd. from experience, with just a ghostring and thara during woe, one is able to surive a champs asura strike (forgot i also wore a poopoo hat). however, with the updates, my tk is a bit outdated so asura may have gotten stronger. if you do have gtb, i dont think mdef would be needed. it may help from sbk, but i think with maya p, you can tell whether the sinx is a sbk or sb sinx from the way they approach you. this leads to the cards for accesory. since you have maya p, its not necessary for you to always have a sight clip on, having it on switch is fine. i do always have on the card where pneuma can activiate. this sometimes gives you a breather and can also help you on the times when break fall doesnt activate. i also had a hide clip (enter whatever kind of acceesory you want).

for body, ghostring, marc, evil druid, angeling should be fine. tao would be nice when u face against ADers (not 100% sure if this helps or not..never used a tao before). if you are going for the massive mdef, are you trying to hit 90? if u do, and have gtb on, u wont need a marc card. evil druid will sometimes help if sins use enchant poison. i forgot if gtb prevents freeze or not, but if it doesnt, then yeah, at mdef 90, u dont need an extra armor. as for hit, i dont know cuz of your server. however, do try to test it out...most likely you want to hit the highest amount of hit you can get. reason is, when you dont have enough hit, the only thing hitting them is the counter kick. during the combo, you may hit like just say 8k for 5 seconds. however, if u have enough hit, your axe kick and your reg kick is also combined, which can add up to maybe 12k for 5 seconds. try your deviling and angeling combo against a champ. see if u still survive. if not, add in the ghostring, take out deviling and wear nothing for garment, and see if u survive. if u still dont, add in radryic or noxious and test again. seeing how you have mdef from headgear, i dont think your wearing a beret or something of that nature so yeah. just keep testing.

i dont know what else you may need, cuz every server is different. just keep on posting questions and someone will reply.

Offline Torte de Lini

Re: TK Ranker Equip Build/ Stat build (Just Equips is fine :3)
« Reply #8 on: Sep 20, 2008, 11:57 am »


I'm just looking for a general build. Not to survive all of the classes, but to manage in PVP and WOE.

My main problem right now is the fact that I'm not sure how much of hit I need. I think I can max out two divisions (AGI and STR for instance) with a little change left.

Max lvl is 255/120.

How much ASPD do I need? 190 you say? How much hit? 400 or 500?
Max Str or stop at some number?

No luk and no int, huh?

The problem is, if I get 400 hit and 190 ASPD and max Str, I have almost 0 points for vit .___.;; Which really screws me up.

So far: I'll be getting: Pneuma/ Hide, hide until I get Pneuma (Clip or rosary?)
Sight until I get Maya P(Clip or Rosary?)

GTB for Shield and I guess that Horn card :3 I have it already, so no problem.
I don't know about noxious with garment, I don't have enough hotkey slots to fit all my moves and to fit switching between multiple equips.

See, I'm not sure about Bishop now, because of that huge SP drawback. Should I get Amon Ra for the shoes? What do you suggest?

Headgear: Maya P
Orc Hero

Armor: Tao Gunka because I have low vit?
Or ghostring, hoping that GTB will be enough and forgetting about those people that use elemental weapons (Sin X and LKs with Magnum Break).
Angeling/ Evil Druid (Unsure).

And for garment: What the hell is quagmire? XD LOL!