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Author Topic: Help with my Taekwon Please!!!  (Read 4409 times)

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Help with my Taekwon Please!!!
« on: Sep 01, 2008, 06:12 am »
Im currently leveling my taekwon with pure int stat (since I like it to become a soul linker). unfortunately, im having a difficulty in leveling it up since i do not know what skills should i use. and i do not know where to level up my character since i commit a very low damages when i attack a monster. can someone please help me with this? what skills should i level up in order to become a very powerful soul linker? btw, i like to become an offensive soul linker (esma type). thanks!


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Re: Help with my Taekwon Please!!!
« Reply #1 on: Sep 01, 2008, 07:33 am »
I have recently made an Esma Linker. He is now lvl80. He will be only for PVM.

1. Check if your server allow you to reset skills/stats?
Most server should at least allow you to reset SKILLS for free if u are base lvl40 or below. Coz, its available on official servers. hehe... if u dont have them, march right up to your GM and demand it.  ;D

YES - u have a Reset SKills/Stats
Easiest way to level a TK Boy is go STR/AGI. You could also go STR/VIT, but I like the FLEE and ASPD benefit from AGI. INT will be your last worry at this time. Get enough DEX to hit, good FLEE and some STR to do decent damage. All you have to do is KICK.

What skills to get?
10 Running (at lvl 10, it will give u +100Damage, it also allow u to get the special BUFF +10STR)

Select just one main kick attack.
7 Axe Kick and 1 Prepare Axe Kick (if u solo mostly, i.e. no party or nobody tanking u)
7 Counter Kick and 1 Prepare Counter Kick (if u have a buddy for party or a friend tanking one monster at a time)
7 Whirlwind Kick and 1 Prepare Whirlwind Kick (if u have a buddy for party or a friend mobbing monsters for u)

Then its time to get Warm Wind lvl4 (Fire) - GH Prison/Leaf Cats/Mi Gaos/etc..
U will need lvl 5 Fighting Chant
lvl 5 Enjoyable Rest
lvl 5 Peaceful Rest

At this point u will be job38.

NO- u do not have a Reset SKills/Stats
Hmm... quit the server and you can come to my server... ;).. just joking. Lets begin with how your Esma Soul Linker should look like and we will work backwards from there.

INT high - more MATK, more damage from Es attacks. more SP also.
DEX high - U wanna cast Fast
Others are not very important. I hardly die with 10VIT giving me about 3500HP at lvl80. U might wanna consider a slightly higher VIT if u are levelling on maps where u can get easily Stun, Poison and other nasty negative status.

SKILLS - TK Boy at Job46
10 Running (lvl10 will help u during TK boy for levelling +100 Damage.. not extremly useful when a Soul Linker, minimum recommended is lvl7)
5 Fighting Chant
5 Enjoyable Rest
5 Peaceful Rest
7 Warm Wind (MUST HAVE)
7 Flying Side Kick (cannot be used when a Soul Linker)
1 Break Fall (MUST HAVE)
5 High Jump

SKILLS - Soul Linker at Job 45
1 Sage Spirit
1 Wizard Spirit
7 Estin
7 Estun
10 Esma
7 Kaina
1 Monk Spirit
1 Priest Spirit
1 Crusader Spirit
3 Kahii (u can get more... but for normal PVM levelling, I dont see a need for >lvl3 Kahii)
1 Assassin Spirit
1 Rogue Spirit
3 Kaupe (I dont have a Phen clip (too poor) and I dont have Instant Cast, so... sometimes I do get hit and that interrupt my Esma. Kaupe allows me to dodge 1 attack 100%, hopefully I can get the Esma out before the second attack)

So how can u level as a TK Boy?
I would get DEX when I am a TK Boy. Every 5DEX = 1 ATK.
lvl10 Running will add +100 Damage
Active STR Bonus +10STR (Press Running two times quickly... i.e. Run and then press again to stop)
Use Warm Wind to your advantage. Fire attack > Earth monsters
Party - even if you are not sharing. Randomly ask people on that map to join your party for each take. Lvl 5 Fighting Chant will increase your attack by 10% from each additional party member. 12 max per party including u, thats 110% additional attack power.
Gear up with STR/ATK equipments
Get someone to tank u
Party equal share with someone. U can do the running of Mi Gao, while the mage Firebolt the Mi Gao. U could also protect the Mage from Mantis. (an example)
Another special TK move. Its said to be the most powerful TK attack (between 150% to 400%ATK. But according to RO Empire, it can reach up to 600%ATK). Its not very easy to perform this special attack. Press Running then select Flying Side Kick at the target.
Create another account, an leech yourself with a mage/archer/etc

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Re: Help with my Taekwon Please!!!
« Reply #2 on: Sep 01, 2008, 11:20 am »
tk soul linkers are always a pain i find.....
if you can, ask a friendly priest to help you with leveling
or get a party together, fighting chant will help lots with this too <3

and if those fail there's always the boring choice of getting a leech =X

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Re: Help with my Taekwon Please!!!
« Reply #3 on: Sep 02, 2008, 03:31 am »
Thanks so much for the infos.  ::)