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Started by Lopezzo, Mar 24, 2011, 04:17 PM

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Hello Matey's, i would like to ask few question's about gunslinger class if y'dont mind : )

Basic Information;s

1) Job Class: Gunslinger
2) Build: For easy leveling
3) Item Rate: 50x (10x MVP Drop Rates)
4) For What: PvM
5) Against What: Every single mob which i need to face =P in order to get level's
6) Custom Items: If i remember correctly they do have a custom wing's etc (the server is called EssenceRO)
7) Other Customizations:
Rates: 50x (10x MVP Drop Rates)
Maximum Stats: 150
Instant Cast: 190 DEX
Maximum Level: 170 Base & 90 Job
Maximum ASPD: 193

From me:
I've heard that going 1:1 (agi:dex) its a pretty good build for leveling up, but honestly, i never touched this class before, so i have a problem.. with stat build's, gear (remember, im just starting so i have.. like 500 zeni? =P so please, dont suggest getting gear for xx m cash) and skill's .. : o

Please help me, if You know this class : )


i played it before... and from my experience... there is 2 build that are perfect for PvM..
Rapid shower and desperado... Rapid shower build is dex/agi/str build and desperado is dex/vit/str build.


Indeed desperado/rapid shower is most used build. Not the only one, tho. There are possibilities with using shotguns for mobbing, and if you can get instacast, tracking spam for single target damage. And by the way...rapid shower got fixed delay, so you don't need much agi there....

Whatever gun you choose, DEX is most important, and should be multiplies of 10. AGI si important for ASPD, so it is good if you don't wanna be dependant on skills, and flee isn't bad for PvM either. STR is quite important for gunslinger too, since the bullets are heavy and you need a lot of them. INT is for SP regen for skills, might be worth a few points. VIT, by your liking.

Overall, gameplay is very similar to sniper.


Ok but what if i am using western outlaw [2]? i mean what cards should i get for it? :)
Thank You very much!


back then, i used thana and dopel, but you could still use 2TG or racial +% card


his rates aren't really high rates so i highly doubt he'll be getting thana and doppel anytime soon lol

but for cards it's standard hydrax2 for pvp/woe
rest based on monsters (cheaper variant is minos for large mobs, skel worker for mids and desert wolf for small mobs)


Indeed, its not such a high rate server :) but Thank You, thought i have doubt about other gear..

Maybe something like this will be good enought for me atm? (remember, i only started yesterday :P)

Headgear - Drooping Wild Rose
Wings - Tiamat wings
Garment - Valk Manteau & Choco Cards
Boots - Normal Shoes [1] later on! Diablos Boots with a Freezer card
- Maybe martyr is better choice?
Accessories - Expert Rings with Yoyo card x2


i think you better check weather those eq can be equipped by your gunner.. coz only eq that says all job except novice can be equipped onto a gunner... better recheck it....


Yea i can thats why i asked if its a good beginner gear ;@


mybe you should consider

headgear : ullie cap, Angel Wing Ears/ dark blinder , flu mask[Pharaoh or etc ]
armor      : odin blessing[ghostring or evil druid or gloom]
garmet    : skin of venstos[kavarus or nine tail if it is +9]
shoe       : boot[marty or shoe]
esesory   : 2 glove[1] with zerom


Yeah listen to him that's a good build. And I'm warning you, sniper > gunslinger PvM. Also, gunslinger is more expensive. You won't have traps either...
It's kind of a fun class to play but there are like 5 gunslingers on our serv because it's not a very useful job.
You can go kill stuff at Abyss Lakes if you're good later on but your choices are limited. Basically play it like a weaker snip (w/out traps) that needs to carry a lot of stuff (bullets). Kill immovable monsters for the first 70 levels or so and then try something harder, it will be worth it even if you'll die at lot.

Quoteremember, im just starting so i have.. like 500 zeni?
Not the right class to pick then. My first char on a 70/70/35 (half your serv's rates but still) was a sniper and I was strapped for cash. Arrows were hard to buy at the beginning... bullets are pretty darn expensive, it's like using mammonite all the time.
Honestly, if you don't have at least 500K you won't even be able to buy your gear so try to make some money.


Desperado type of gunslinger = Owning! A lot of gunslingers will prefer this type because they can own anyone /gg