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Started by Mario14125, Apr 03, 2011, 05:46 PM

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Hi, I am a novice player Ragnarok, I already have a character and it is a magic ninja, my question is this, what equipment I possess for this character?

Yes I have experience of distributed statistics:

Please advise on what I should have. I really do not know what I buy :P

Sorry for my bad English.
...Czasami spotykasz na swojej drodze osobę, której nie należy wkurwiać. To właśnie jestem Ja...


These are some items that I used back sometime ago when I played an Issen Ninja on a 99/70 server, although I played a physically damaging Ninja, a good portion of the equipments are the same, so I'll just tweak some of it a bit.  Do note though that these items may be very outdated with all the new items that have come out over the past year and a bit.

Upper Headgear - Apple of Archer or Feather Beret.  Basically choosing casting time reduction or survivability.

Middle Headgear - If your server has Sunglasses [1] then use them, if not, anything that looks good.
Cards - A Stalactic Golem Card is a pretty good idea for the Stun resistance.

Lower Headgear - If your server has Gentleman's Pipe or Well Chewed Pencil, definitely grab one of those.  If not, anything that looks good.

Armor - Glittering Jacket [1].  Although this is pretty heavy and hard to get, the MDEF and DEF on it are very nice for such a squishy character.
Cards - Marc Card, Evil Druid Card or any other elemental switchers that you like using.  I used to put a Pest Card in another piece of armor to be annoying every once in a while, but it's risky.

Garment - Heavenly Maiden Robe [1].  This used to be one of the better garments for extended classes simply because they can't use many other things.
Cards - Raydric Card or Noxious Card.  You should probably go with Raydric though because you shouldn't be getting hit by long-ranged attacks too often.  You can also get more HMRs with elemental resistance in them by using Dustiness/Jakk/Marse/Hode Cards.

Shield - When I wasn't carrying a Fuuma Shuriken, I had a Valkyrja's Shield, some elemental resistance, decent DEF, and some MDEF aren't anything to complain about.  For you this would probably be the best bet.
Cards - Thara Frog Card is probably the best thing.  I used to put a Flame Skull Card in another shield to be super annoying, but it's high risk.

Weapon - I used Fuuma Shurikens, but this is the part that I need to tweak I guess, haha.  

Ashura [3] or a Bazerald if you can afford it/kill Pharaoh.  The Ashura has more slots but the Bazerald has a pretty big INT bonus and no slots.  Depends on what you want, they both have 10% MATK.
Cards - If you're going for the Ashura [3], you can put three Fabre Cards in it to get a quick and easy 300 HP and +3 VIT.  It might be a better idea however, to put a Golem Card + two Fabre Cards just to be safe against Whitesmiths/Creators breaking things.

Shoes - High Heels [1].  This can be tedious to get because it needs to be socket enchanted in order to get the slot.  Definitely worth it though, they give some nice MDEF.
Cards - Green Ferus Card or Matyr Card.  The extra 10% HP is always welcome.

Accessories - Two Rosary [1]s.  They're pretty easy to get, and they give MDEF which is pretty helpful.
Cards - A Smokie Card in one of them is a must due to needing the skill Hide to follow up with Shadow Jump.  You can put practically anything in the other one really, Phen Card isn't really needed on a caster Ninja because your spells are reasonably quick.  Horong Card might be useful for getting people out of Hide/Cloak, but it can be a double edged sword because YOU cannot Hide once the Sight is active either.  You could try a Vitata Card for the level 1 Heal, but the amount healed is rather mediocre in 90% of situations that spamming White Potions couldn't do better.

Hopefully this helped a little bit, watch out for Soul Breaker SinXs, Snipers and other magic classes and enjoy making melee classes rage.


whoa guys here are really cool
you really know a lot when it comes in making a great build to any char. XD


This is more of a skill-notice from me...

If you could redo your skill points I recommend a Lv.3 Cast-Off Ciceda Shell (Or Lv.1 if you can Hide + Shadow Jump efficiently). Add a single point to Falling Ice Pillar just for the sake of Freeze, max out North Wind for the damage. It will make them filth brix.

Better than Sight (From Horong Accessory Card) are Earth Spike Scrolls. You'll see why. It will make them filth brix.

Ciceda Shell won't deflect Whitesmith's Cart Termination.

Ganon's list is accurate. If you aren't too lucky on getting them, stick with the old fashion equipments like Mantle [1] and Buckler [1]. It's the cards that would matter and who you'll be up against.