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Author Topic: anyone know any good guides out there for a pvp ninja?  (Read 6484 times)

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Offline centrix

max stats is 250 per stat
max lvl is 355
max job lvl is 120
dex for instacast is 200

every item has a max slot of 1 except for weapon which has 4 slots and accessories which have 2 slots each

i basically would like to have either a taijutsu skill build or a ninjutsu build and erm no equip reccomendations, just card reccomendations, all the mvps included(i hope i can afford em lol), on second thought, maybe a stat build would help too, list the amount of stats and the importance please

thanks a lot in advance
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Re: anyone know any good guides out there for a pvp ninja?
« Reply #1 on: Jul 28, 2008, 03:38 pm »
I've never played a Ninja, so I'm just judging from things I saw, so my information might not be accurate. However I did alot of studying and thinking on fighting ways, since I played my 'Counter High Priest' on my server.
There are several ways to play a Ninja, It kind of depends on whatever you like.

Way 1.
Magic Based Build;
Here you spam the magical skills that the Ninjas use, I'm not sure about the equips here. Probably equips that make your defense better since their HP isn't exactly high.
(It gets raped by Golden Thief Bug users or Maya users)

Fuuma Shuriken Build;
Here you just spam skills like Throw Fuuma Shuriken and Throw Knife or Throw Zeny. Depends on what does the most damage on your server. But you'd use a Fuuma Shuriken with 4 slots, 1 Thanatos, 2 hydra and 1 turtle general card.
(Champs, Priests and that one card that casts Pneuma on you beat this kinda player)

Final Strike:
This is a build for servers where you can use Yggdrasil items like crap, The idea is pretty much the same as Asura. However it doesn't rape your sp, but your hp. So you'd have to use a yggdrasil right away.
The idea how to get your Final Strike damage high is to get high hp.
(The biggest downfall here would be that you require alot of hp, so you'll use tao gunka. However you don't have unfrozen. So would someone survive your attack and use garm card. And got you frozen. It's just 1 hit and you're dead.)

Hybrid Build:
Seeing how the max level is 355 there, when the max stats are 250. I'd personally prefer this build over the others.
However I've never played on a server like this. So you should try testing it.
Like you saw in my other posts there are ways to counter all these builds very easy. You only need 1 card for most of them. And against Fuuma Shuriken it's not even a mvp one.
Because you get alot of stats and you can place them on alot saying you should be able to get 200 on atleast 4 stats, So for example Str, Int, Vit and Dex. (I'm totally not sure about this, but you'd have to test)
So the idea would be that you higher up all these stats, this works nicely agaisnt people who switch equips.
Let's say you start of by using magic, the other will switch to Golden Thief Bug or Maya Card. Then you're able to start using Fuuma Shuriken since it does nice damage, and because they don't use any nice armor card anymore. You can kill them pretty easily.
When you think you've done enough damage you kill them with your Final Strike, Which will be your last resort attack.

In no Yggdrasil duels this build works very nice, you use magic and fuuma shuriken untill you think you can kill them. Then finish it. Bam won the duel.

Offline centrix

Re: anyone know any good guides out there for a pvp ninja?
« Reply #2 on: Aug 02, 2008, 08:12 pm »
the pneuma card doesnt work too well in this server since people generally move away, and the dmg is very high
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