[Renewal] Doram Summoner's 2nd Job?

Started by galaubgt, Mar 31, 2017, 11:00 PM

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Hello. I'm playing this server called Limit RO and I saw their post about Doram Summoner's 2nd job - Psychic here:


I saw they already have it on their test server but Limit RO kinda follows kRO so I doubt they will release it before the official servers. However, just like when 3rd job first announced, a lot of private servers release their own versions of it so I wonder if there are any private servers out there that already have this?


Fairly certain this is all original custom content.
The art style doesn't match up at all. The image also doesn't blend too well in the announcement graphic.
Not only that, but the skill icons are of obvious lower caliber, no offense to whoever created it, Gravity's spriters are just on point.
The image of the sprite is too blurry for me to really analyze it properly, so no comment there.

On top of all of that, I see no mention of any of this on kRO.

Some time ago Gravity released a second batch of Doram skills, but it's not a new class at all, it was just an extension of the class post-100.
To close this up, I doubt Gravity would further buff Dorams before giving some love to the existing jobs.

But hey! I could be wrong.


I think u should check novaRO. They have the most update that follow kro. I dont think any other server has much updated like them.


Who posted this here??

This is a 1st April Fool's Day Prank event for LimitRO - the best most official up to date kRO, jRO, iRO and LimitRO special content server in the world <3

Why someone posted it here? o,o

Please ADMIN of RMS, CLOSE TOPIC, before it becomes another HATE topic to Lai.


Uhh.. this is a prank? :( I'm blaming you Lai for making me  me excited  /sob /sob /sob Jk, best executed prank i've seen on a private server xD I totally fell for it. *still mad this isn't real tho*  /pif