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Author Topic: [ninja] Pure FS build, access to any items in the database with @item command  (Read 7213 times)

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Offline Pierced

Just for fun, if you could have any gear possible with @item and refine it with @refine command, what would you choose for a FS ninja. Take in to account I can get absolutely any item in the RMS database including tao gunka scrolls which I'm not sure if they stack with tao card or not because I haven't tested.
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Offline Yomi

Ahura Mazda, Megs, Large Bapho Horn, Angra Manyu FTW!
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Offline Sarin

@item sucks, you can get 100% demihuman resist with it. Talk about PvP then....

Offline jonathanngo

what sv has @item command?