[Gunslinger] Best Builds?

Started by Fhors, Dec 25, 2016, 12:11 AM

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SO being one of the extended class, gunslinger lacks some clear advantages of Rebirth class. But these drawbacks are compensated by the diverse gameplay these extended class offer. The gunslinger kit offers a lot of potential in different situations, this I know but what I don't know is what type of build is best for each situations. On highrates I'm stuck to believe that Desperado type would be best for WoE/PvP if you're a killer I suppose. But I also hear other builds like Shotgun/Gatling Gun/Crit Pistol/Accuracy/Greande Launcher(?).

To what level are gunslingers effective on WoE/PvP on lowrates?

On high rates to super high rates, What build is best to PvP?

Best for WoE, Killer? Debuffer? Annoyance? Breaker maybe?

MvP hunting?


I have some of the same questions. It occurs to me that without the Rebellion rebirth, that the original Gunslinger class is useless on pre-renewal servers where rebirthing for the original classes are available. There's basically nothing that a Gunslinger can do that a Hunter can't. And there's tons of things a Sniper can do that a Gunslinger can't.
I just don't see a regular Gunslinger competing in that kind of environment unless the server implements some VERY heavy customs (like extra HP pool, extra stats, and special or modified gears). Rebellion was a much needed update that brought the class more in line with the rest. Without Rebellion, plain Gunslinger seems like just another joke class and not really viable in endgame content like MVP/WOE/PVP. The stats and gear just aren't there, and the kit is weak.