Thoth and Tripper help?

Started by AcientPretender, Nov 25, 2013, 08:39 PM

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can u help me figured out whats the file name of spp and sight? also the speed potion thing.


I don't know if someone even knows the name of the file that controls the SPP animation.

Sight I totally dunno, never cared about it to the point of editing it and searching files on the grf just now gave me 0 answers to it too :c


Thanks for the reply thou.
i guess i have to find it on my own.


Found sight after checking my files to help someone.

there is sight.act and sight.spr right there.


Thanks !!! :)))
how about Energy Coat, speed potion and Box of Resentment?


data/texture/effect/energycoat.str for the energy coat.

The other two you are asking about what? Their animation when you use them? Dunno about that.


yap the skill animation(effects) im working on my grf so i can use "/effect on" on woe.
im trying to disable all skills/usables effects that usually use on woe. hope mods here can help me especially you thanks to you :>


How about the filename of Blessing sir?


I think it's at the same folder of sight with the name al_blessing. I'm not sure on this because I'm with the feeling that there was something else that controls the image that is shown when you use it but I can't find anything else at the moment :|

Btw, while on that folder, go and check cr_slimpitcher.act and cr_slimpitcher.spr. Those should control the SPP animation if I'm not wrong. It's just the sprite as the folder says, not the entire animation :(


AcientPretender can you post the simplified energy coat and over trust please


sir how about the strip? where can i find it? and the ring in the ground when you cast SG? thanks in advance