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Author Topic: [SHOWCASE] GRFs by G  (Read 1227 times)

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Offline Geezy

« on: Sep 02, 2022, 04:26 pm »

Hi, I'm G. I've been playing RO since 2007 and I'm a self-taught GRF modder. I've learned how to make creative edits to make my gaming experience a lot smoother and easier. /no1

  • Customized Tile Map (Tile Map, Big Tiles, Tile Map w/ Textures, etc.)
  • Big Card Sprite

  • Big MVP (Regular & Rare) / Small Mobs Sprite

  • Floating Big Emperium Sprite

  • Arrow Directions on WoE Castles

  • Respawn Point Numbering for WoE 2.0 Castles

  • Customized Status Effects (Frozen, Sleep, Stun, etc.)

  • Customized Skills Effect

  • Complete No Effects (for WoE/KoE]
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