Started by Africa, Dec 13, 2010, 01:44 PM

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These magic powders have the script "setfont" to change your chat/skill-yelling font. If those aren't available in my server, is there a way to modify the font from my client? I mean, since you double-click to toggle the effect, I guess the change will be written somewhere in the settings. Could this be manually changed like frost joke lines, or is it a server-side setting?

Edit: Also, the powder boxes have different scripts, the weekly one has {rentitem ID,duration}, while the monthly one (30day) has {getitem ID,amount}. Does that mean the 30day one actually doesn't expire, or is there something else removing it after 30 days?


Wouldn't newer client exe fix your problem?  Since all eA uses are default settings that is already in kRO.

For the duration question.  The rentitem keyword will deleted the item from inventory if the item is unused on the date/time of expiration.  getitem is just getitem, no expiration attached.


My font is on default already, I want to change it to those strange ones without using the powders.


i have never been able to get those fonts to work. they've always been ugly and very very purple.
Although this does not answer your question, if you solve this, i'd like to know.