[Question] Old Red Box

Started by AkiraRave, Apr 04, 2007, 06:27 AM

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Find around it .. ID #12186. Hmm, is there any way that we can actually obtain these item? I've use the search function around this forum, I've got few detail about it.

It can be obtained by:

  • Doing quest, heard people said at alberta somewhere.
Beside's .. when I check the date; that time eAthena did not implemented, yet .. the quest for Old Red Box that was 6 december 2006. Right now 4/4/2007; I believe eAthena should be implemented this quest inside the scripts or something ?



If you notice, theres no scirpt for the boxes, so even if you got one it would do nothing.

If you think eAthena should impliment it, you should be on the eAthena support forums, not a private server advertising/database forums. Well put simply because we have no power over that.
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