How to edit champ to look like a baby?

Started by alexeus, Mar 04, 2013, 07:25 AM

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hi guys can i ask is there a sprite that can edit champ will look like a baby? can you give me pls i dont know how to do it...


Using any grf extractor tool, this is +/- how you do it.

1 - Search for the baby monk sprite files on the data.grf
2 - extract them[I think it's 2 files, act+spr or something like that, lazy to [i]check it at the moment/remember how I used to do them[/i] but if it isn't or it fails, it's just a spr]
3 - check what is the name of the champ sprite files
4 - rename the extracted files to the name file names
5 - add the sprite to the grf to where are the champ sprite files
6 - say yes to the replace of the previous champ files with the new ones
7 - save the grf

If you don't know nothing about editing grfs, there is an high change that you can screw it so make a backup of everything first.

Alternatively you can make a new grf with the same folders where you've to add the renamed sprited and just add the grf to the data.ini as priority 0 and the others with +1.

If you don't know how to search for the right files, you can use to help you with that. The (again ?) must be the babies.


i realy dont know how can you make me one pls?. pls help me i dont know about editing grfs. and i dont have the idea how can you give me the link so i can download it and put it in my data folder? /sob


I just use grf and data.ini nowadays even if data folders are easier to work with hexed exes but anyway, I just tried and, after many C++ problems with the grf prog I use, it seems that it needs a resize on the sprite to be a real baby monk [instead of what I though that would be easy and quick to do] and that is something that asks for a bit of time that I don't have to[I would have to learn a bit about using actOR and that's something that I don't really have an interest] :s

Basically all you've to do is to load the monk files[or champ files since you're playing with sprite edits] into actOR and resize everything[dunno the real size of the baby sprite tbh].

A quick guide with basics of spriting is here that probably can help you doing it right.



Finally I found the topic I was searching ...

Check some of the posts made by Thoth there, they should help you with it as the links in the topic.

If you don't know what to do after reading that, then nothing can be done except someone doing it for you[which I'm not going to do :v].