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To see a monster's name.you should move your mouse over the monster. My question is. Is it possible to make every monster's name visible through custom grf? Or any other way? Tnx for the help. I am willing to dwell deeper into grf editing if that's a must.

I'm pretty sure that the names show based on how the server and the exe is coded. Ofc you could always edit each frame of each sprite in the grf to include the name but... good luck with life to do that to every monster lol

BTW, it would be easier to just swap/recolour the problematic sprites instead.

[dream shattering]Not possible with grf edits.[/dream shattering]

Well it's possible to some extent. Triper's correct, the server sends the mob's name to the client and his idea of showing up the name of the mob is actually a nice one!

There is, obviously, issues with the method. You can't show the name below the mob, because if you zoom out it'll show under the floor and you won't see it. Showing it above works fine, except if you zoom in and out, the text will change size as well. For example :

If that solution is fine with you, I can make these for all available sprites, just let me know! (On a side note, adding the name above the sprite is rather straightforward and it's done via a script xD!)

@Tokeiburu That's super cool. Mind sharing how you did it?


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