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Error Editing Sprite - Why Only Card SPR Prompt Error ?


Hi guys, im new at using GRF Editor and i just learned about editing sprite for items such as Blue Herb, Witherless Flower, Crystall Mirror and Card

I have successfully edited Blue Herb, Witherless Flower, Crystall Mirror into much bigger SPR.
But when i tried the Cards, it prompt an error ( picture attached )

So i tried to get another GRF source from this forum, https://forum.ratemyserver.net/ro-graphic-coding-media/(woe-grf)-nerva-grf-public-release!/msg198616/#msg198616

chillxdd provided edited GRF on another level, which i never imagine can be so awesome, all works just fine, but not with the Card.

What is wrong with this Card SPR ?

So i tried to open his GRF and revert only the Card SPR into original Card SPR which i get from my RO folder ( picture attached after I edited his GRF Card SPR ) and i hope i will solve the problem.

And so i tried again to check the card hoping that its solved.. But it doesnt.
Please check attached picture for the error prompt

*** Where i can find the sprites for trees ? I want to try to make the trees invisible

What should i do ? Please help me to solve this problem.
Thank you so much sir


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