I made a server now how do I share it with my buds?

Started by RaveTH, Mar 25, 2007, 03:54 AM

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I made a server now how do I share it with my buds?


Head over to eathena.ws and go to client tools and download the Diff files from Zephiris. (Full Download) after that download the DIFF patcher. Zeph links to it in his post.

After this Decide wethers or not you wanna use data folder or a grf. I


f you go the route of data folder. Then edit this in your exe via the diff patcher. I suggest you use.

Flood limit[50]
read data folder first
anyothers you want. I believe there is a guide on it.

Save that to yourservername.exe

Once that is comepleted Head to eathena.ws again and download banneds fulldata v3 from client tools. extract this to your ro/data directory. This Pack of files contains everything you need to run ro without customs. Open the Slient.info and place your server info in it. A link to this is at the end of the page.

As for distribution. Rar it up and allow people to download it. I don;t know anything about data folder patchers because they all suck.

This is crude but people can connect to your server with this  info.

Guide on this is at the bottom of the page. The RGX section isnt finished yet.

as for the client part. remove the read data folder firs tline. and use th emultiple GRF line. Once you do that save your exe and open the DATA.ini and  it should read like this

0= your grf
1= data.grf
2= sdata.grf

Quick Links:
Make a GRF: http://www.eathena.deltaanime.net/wiki/index.php/GRF
SCLIENT: http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=58479