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Title: YumiRO - Midrate, 13.3 Episode [500 online]
Post by: YumiRO on Oct 03, 2020, 11:27 am
(https://i.imgur.com/F32MmAQ.png) (https://yumiro.net)

website: https://yumiro.net/ (https://yumiro.net/)
Opening date: December 2020

YumiRO is a Midrate Ragnarok Online server with episode 13.3 (pre-renewal), without the crazy things from a newer episode.
Because our rates are 100x100x/50x, the gameplay won't be too tedious or too quick either, midrate is the perfect rate for all types of players!

Since we are using top-notch server infrastructures and security, you can enjoy your play without the worry of bots, cheaters, or unnecessary lags anymore.
We have introduced the latest mechanics fixes to match the game's official episode, thanks to which you will enjoy the gameplay.


Are you fed up and tired with overpowered and unbalanced benefits from your previous RO server? Rest is assured that it won't happen anymore on YumiRO,
because we have a strict policy in our donation so the donators won't have unbalanced benefits against non-donators that can ruin your game.

Official Opening Date: December 2020
Create a game account before that date for getting freebies on start. (https://yumiro.net/?module=account&action=create)




Full list of available commands you can check in-game via @commands.
@restock, @spb, @packetfilter, @changegm, @event, @noeffect, @whosell, @market, @lgp, @myinfo