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WorldofRO International | Pre-renewal | 99/70 | 35x/35x/6x~45x/45x/10x | MidRate


Dear Ragnarok Online Players,

We are World of Ragnarok Online. A new MidRate Ragnarok Server opening this coming May 22, 2021. We are inviting you to partake in our server and try us out! We offer nostalgia and exclusive contents and features that keeps every players busy.

Basic Server Rates
35x/35x/6x ~ 45x/45x/10x (Happy Hour/Day)
Level 99/70
Pre-Renewal Mechanics
Transcendence Classes
Episode XII: Destruction of Morocc
Playable in PC & Android Client
......For full details of our Server Information, you may direct here by clicking the link https://forum.worldofro.net/index.php?/topic/16-server-information-features/.

What do we have in the server?

* Floating Rates
* Battlegrounds Oriented (System Automated)
* World Boss Invasion(System Automated)
* Fishing & Mining System (Not Daily but a weekly event) (System Automated)
* Progressive Rewards for Leveling
* Battlegrounds Oriented (System Automated)
* Automated Bot Killer
* Gepard Shield Security
* PvP/MvP Weekly Rankings & Exclusive Statues......and alot more! You can check the full details of the server here by going to this link https://forum.worldofro.net/index.php?/topic/16-server-information-features/.

👍 Official Website: https://www.worldofro.net/
👍 Server Information & Features: https://bit.ly/3uIucmw
👍 Guild Package Application: https://bit.ly/3uDEQea
👍 Streamer's Program: https://bit.ly/33AUX0n
👍 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/42rGEmbpff


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