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Valor Ragnarok Online
« on: Oct 06, 2019, 04:54 am »

We are planning to be Heavy PvP Server
Free Full set PvP Gear once you hit level 185
all PvP gear like Vellum, WoE set, and Modified Glorious Gears are refined +7 upon buy
Some of MvPs and Mini-bosses Cards are buyable on battleground NPC
All obtainable using PvP currency - Battleground and WoE

Website | Discord

Server Information
Renewal Ragnarok Online 2012 - 2016 era. Last episode 16. PK Mode
Max level base job 185/65 (3rd Jobs, Rebellion, Kagerou Oboro) , Doram race Disabled
Mid rate 90x 90x 90x | Max stats 130 | Max Aspd 193 | kRO skill update
Check our Forum for more of server configuration.
Our Features
Eden Board up to 185 | Advanced Pet System | Working @joinbg KVM script | DotA PvP | Glorious, Vellum, and WoE Gears Enable
Improved Monster AI | 500/263/80 - cloth color/hair color/hair style | 3rd Job Alternative Outfit
Everything is old and classic here, 2012 - 2016 renewal
Classic homunculus level system | advanced refine system still using Suhnbi and Basta services | Same old town with less modification
Endless Tower | Bangungot Hospital | Bakonawa Lake | Buwaya Cave | Orc's Memory | Hazy Forest | Sealed Shrine
Malangdo Culvert | Octopus Cave | Sara Memories | Nidhoggur's Nest | Wolfchev's Laboratory | Old Glast Heim | Ghost Palace
Nightmarish Jitterbug | Geffen Magic Tournament | Faceworm's Nest | Horror Toy Factory | Central Lab | Charleston Crisis
Last Room | Sarah Fenrir | Modified Bios Island | Instanced MVP Arena | Valor Guard Arena
Mini Games and Events
Poring Race | Monster counting game | Gold and zeny slot machine | Keyboard warrior | Poring catcher
Dice event | Disguise event | King Poring invasion | Pvp last man standing | Who am i? event | Bomb poring
Mining: Dig da Oridecon | Malangdo Fishing | Celebration Event | Prontera Thief | Attack of Invaders
Miscellaneous information
Server ingame time: GMT +7 | Jakarta | Server location: Singapore | SEA Region
UpCloud VPS with Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2687W v4 @ 3.00GHz | Stable Server |  Ragnarok 2016 Client.
This is actually ready PvP server with working WoE, Battleground, PvP and Arena 3v3 script.
Personally i just miss this game, remembering good old days playin on renewal server like
Cook**RO 2012, Tr**RO 2014, and No**RO 2016  /ok

Special thanks and sorry to players who play on previous ValorRO
Lila, Noel, Yuni, Crux, Joey, Green, Zmega, NMore, Sule, Yoshi, Kalimantan Guy,
Black, Rowdy cs, A novice guy who made 1-99 guide, and many more...

You may come to join me! Registration here to be Valorians!
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