Odin Ragnarok Online (Opening May 20, 2014)

Started by funtwocrasher, May 14, 2014, 08:35 PM

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Missed playing Transcended Class Ragnarok Server? Meet new friends? New adventures? New quests? Well, we are pleased to announce that OdinRO will launch on May 20, 2014! Mark your calendar. See you soon!

Useful Links:
► Website: http://bit.ly/1v4FYUB
► Forum: http://bit.ly/RQEyOg
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OdinRagnarokOnline?ref=hl

Official Server Features

• Max Level: 99 Base 70 Job Transcended Class Only (No 3rd Jobs)
• Exp Rates: 50x Base and Job
• Drop Rates: 10x (Normal Card 1%, Boss/Mini Boss Card 0.1%)
• Commands: @iteminfo @mobinfo @noask @rates @refresh @request @time @whereis @whodrops @guide @duel
• Harmony Shield Protected
• Pre-Renewal
• Episode 13.3 El Dicastes
• Fully-working Dewata and El Dicastes quests
• Nidhoggur, Endless Tower, Sealed Shrine and Orc Memory Instances
• Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest
• Much more!

Custom Server Features

Reward System

• Unique Reward System
• Monster of the Week
• GM Challenge
• Poring Catch
• OdinRO Lottery

Server Features
• Styling
More than 95 hairstyles and hundreds of dyes

• Leveling
Increased party share limit. 15 instead of 10 levels difference minimum
10% Bonus EXP for fighting monsters within 10 levels of the player
8% Bonus EXP for each partymember (not idle)
Boosted Homunculi (25% demi-human resist, HP and DEX boost)

•Quests & NPCs
Custom super quest
Hundreds of custom quests
Custom NPCs (eg. Hairstyler, Warp NPC, Skill/Stats Reset, Job Changer)
Card Exchanger

Same-sex marriage
FE and SE WoE
Unique Achievement System
Monster Arena
Unique Control Panel
Regular events