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Started by rhoy1871, May 05, 2014, 12:51 PM

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This Server giving you an excitement and thrilling Ragnarok Game.
( Level up your own Character , Hunting Cards , Making Quest , Monster Boss Hunting , War of Emperium and many more... )
Come and Join Us. Rok On!

MalayaRO International [Mid-Rate Server]
[Malaya Gaming Network

Server Info:

Exp Rate: 150x Base , 150x Job
Drop Rate:  x40 EQ Drop, x40 Item/Misc Drop, 10% Card
•Pre-Renewal(Trasc) 99/70
•24/7 Up time
•Stable, Balance and Lag Free Server
•Hourly Automated Events
•GM Host Events
•Friendly and Active GM
•Active WOE and PVP
•Fully Working Town and Dungeon Instances
•Lots of Headgear Quest
•Custom Headgear Enable

-GM Host Events
•MVP Summon
•Monster Hunt
•Zombie Invasion
•Disguise Event
•Last Man Standing
•Run for your life
•Tarot Luck
•Hide and Seek
•Question and Answer

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