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Author Topic: Valhalla RO / Pre-Re / Chooseable XP Rate / 150/70 / EP 13.2 / Unique Systems!  (Read 621 times)

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Offline lShinel

Didnt know if here was the right section since in my server u can choose your XP Rate from 1 to 100x, anyway...


  • Blood Shards: It`s a droppable item which can add +1 to your selected status, maximum of 20 uses (cant be above 99 stats).
  • Item Random Option: Every monster can drop his equip/weapon drops with random options, which means that even MVPS like valkyrie can drop a valkyrie shield with random option.
  • Announcer: It`s like megakill announcers from dota 2 and league of legends.
  • Enchants: There`s multiple types of enchants which u can use in your equips.
And there`s many other unique systems in the server, come to our server & have fun!!!
Any questions u may ask me in discord, or other social medias aswell. just PM me nick: placid

Sooner i will release an English Client version!
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