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Ragnarok Online PH [Launching April 23, 2022]



Good day, Adventurers! 🎉
It's time to gather and rekindle old online friendships as we prepare for an exciting launch this coming early April 2022!
Please stay tuned for official announcements and updates by liking and sharing our official FB Page Ragnarok Online PH.
Calling out all interested players, old and veteran players who wants to experience nostalgic gameplay and adventure! This one's for you.
🌐 Visit our website: www.ragnarokph.com
🌐 Join our discord: www.discord.gg/Ed3xNceNkq

🔰Server Rates
Base Exp: 25x | Job Exp: 25x
Normal Drops: 5x
Normal Cards: 3x
MVP Drops: 1x

🔰Basic Information
Base & Job: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Max Stats: 99
Mode: Pre-Renewal

#ROPH #RagnarokPH #RagnarokReturns #RokOn
🌐 ROPH Website: https://ragnarokph.com/
🌐 Register: https://bit.ly/ROPH-Register
🌐 Download: https://bit.ly/ROPH-Download
🌐 Discord: https://discord.gg/Ed3xNceNkq
🌐 Community: https://bit.ly/ROPHCommunity[/b]


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