Started by PlayGodlyMMO, Jan 21, 2023, 02:14 PM

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Hello, all!

Thank you for reading this server advertisement post.

I hereby would like to invite you join my server at

Server Information
Server Type: Pre-Renewal
Base Level 200/ Job Level 120
Transcendent Classes
Rates: 5000x/5000x/10000x
Card: Normal Monster 10.00% Mini Boss 1.00% MvP 0.10%
Max Stats: 300
Max ASPD: 193
Instant Casting: 150 Dex


Episodes (Customized)
Free to play
Arrow & Bullets : Unlimited
Quest Farming Equipments
Starting Zeny: 10,000z
PVE/PVM: Quest Hunting Custom Gears
All MvPs Drop Cash Points Card (25 Cash Points Per MvP)


Cash Shop(Donation Shop) Rare Costumes
Episodes (Customized)
Custom Main Town (godly) @godly
Leveling Zone(@level)
Main Office(@main)
Hourly System System NPC
Free Costumes NPC Selection
Free Upper, Middle, and Lower Headgears(No Slot)
Free WoE Server
Free WoE Pots & Consumptions
Free WoE Reduction Set(Custom Sets)
Free WoE DPS Sets(Custom Sets & Weapons) Only Work in WoE
Customized GodlyRO Gray Map (Free of Download)
All other PvE/PVM Custom Weapons & Equips are disabled in WoE.
Yggdrasil Berry (5s Cooldown)
Custom WoE HP & SP Pots

Our server is Pre-renewal. What makes us Godly is that, we will have equips & sets from renewal coming into our pre-renewal server for customization and awesomeness. (Illusion Sets, Automatic Sets, Soutanes, & Custom Equips with our crazy own ideas. ) Join Us now!!

We will be having a custom draft player for WoE events & War of Emperium once everyone is leveled up and somewhat geared.

The grind is super easy. There is a custom leveling zone, you can get to max level within 20-30 minutes. It depends on you! There is basic Item mall, basic equips you can buy right away to help you begin your journey. Starting zeny on a brand-new character is 2,000,000z. This will be helpful to you!

Thanks for reading and I hope you consider us!

Join our discord for live communications and to contact me.