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Author Topic: PayonRO - Community Project (Pre-Renewal - 99/70 - 150x/150x/20x)  (Read 1284 times)

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Look, we're all older Ragnarok players and miss the nostalgia. We've seen some cool servers out there but many of them seem to ruin the pleasant old fashioned feel. Nothing brings back memories like that Payon theme.

We're a small little community (for now) sprouting from various previous, now deceased (or inactive) servers. For a while we've planned on opening our dream server, which ideally means somewhat easy/pleasant, but not instant, leveling- and reasonable drop rates.

Our thought process is; we don't want to spend forever maxing our levels, but rather chasing drops. We also don't want cards to almost never drop, but just the same, we don't want every card being worthless.

On top of this, we've come to hate the servers that have tons of headgears with stats and meta changes due to the cash shop.

We're looking for any players and guilds who would like a reasonable playing experience long term. We're actively recruiting and would love to be able to win you guys over!


UPDATE: GM/developer positions may be available! Inquire within.
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