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Author Topic: WayBackRO Reborn (Classic Server) will open on June 6!!  (Read 1269 times)

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Have you been migrating from server to server just to find that perfect RO that you've come to love and developed those classic memories and friendship from?! No need to worry! WayBackRO is opening it's doors again this time with love and experience harnessed from our previous server, just like how it was! Just, much better! Fun! And secured! We are also, offering a 20% rebate for the donators on our previous server!  still can't believe it?! Judge it for yourself! With the WayBackRO as it is now, you'll definitely find your way back to the true and classic server you have come to love !

WayBackRO V2 Coming Soon
Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/WayBackRO
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/WayBackRO
Be ready for more exciting features

Grand Opening June 6, 2014
99/50 (Second Job Only) - No 3rd job, Trans, And Expanded Classes
GvG WoE Oriented.
WoE Setup - Emergency call enable, Loki's veil disable, Alliance disable.
Guild capacity 25/25

Rates: 40x/40x
Equipment Drop Rates: 40.00x
Card Drop Rates: 1%
Healing Item Drop Rates: 20.00x
Usable Item Drop Rates: 20.00x
Common Drop Rates: 20.00x
Other Drop Rates: Custom Drop
No Mini MVP and MVP cards
Internal Guard Protected
Costume Classic Headgears
No Godly-Items.
Official Refine Rates.
Pin Code System.
Anti Shake Client
Friendly and Active GMs
Friendly Community

Website:   www.waybackro.net
Forum:   www.waybackro.net/board
DL Links:    http://waybackro.net/installer/WayBackRO%20v5.1.rar

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