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Author Topic: Norse Online™ - RO Server with Safe RMT Mechanism - 50x, 50x, 10x, 0.50%Cards  (Read 2761 times)

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Offline norseonline

Norse Online

50x Base Exp.
50x Job Exp.
10x Normal Item Drop Rate
0.50% Normal Cards Drop Rate
3x Mini MVP Item Drop Rate
3x Mini MVP Card Drop Rate
1x MVP Item Drop Rate
3x MVP Card Drop Rate

13.2 Episode - Into the unknown
2-2 Transcendent Classes
Pre-Renewal Setup
Max Level: 99/70
Max Base Stats: 99
Max Attack Speed: 190
150 Dex: Instant Cast
Max Party Members: 12
Max Guild Capacity: 26
Max Clients: 3
Platform : PC Only
DDOS Protection
Gepard 3.0 & LGP Enabled
Anti Nodelay
Server Location: Singapore

Play to Win Server
Logs of GM Commands & MVP Card drops on website
Safe RMT Mechanism
Warper with All Map Access
24x7 PVP in MVP Maps
Daily/Weekly/Monthly VIP Pass
Daily VIP Pass in Quest Shop
Daily & Hourly Rewards
WOE & PVP Rewards [To be implemented soon]
MVP & Mini-MVP Cards disabled in WOE
GTB Card nerf at 50%
Homunculus disabled in WOE

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