Upcoming Roguard Online Mid-Rate 50/50/25

Started by Gardosen, Apr 30, 2014, 04:54 PM

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Hello Ratemyserver Community,

Roguard Online Promotion Trailer

The Roguard Team proudly wants to announce that on the 15th of June Roguard Online will open a fresh Mid-Rate Server called Fortis.
The Rates of this server will be the following:
Base: 50x

Mvp/Miniboss Normal: 10x
Mvp/Miniboss Equip: 5x
Mvp/Miniboss Cards: 1x

Features of the Roguard Online Servers (Low-Rate and Mid-Rate):
- InternalGuard Secured Client Server System
--No Bots
--No WPE
--No Macros
- Custom Login Protection
- Custom Pre-RE Eden Quests
- Custom Effects
- Client Internal RCX Effect Overlay Effect
- multiple Real Custom Auras
- Easy to use Client Installer/Patcher
- Friendly and Helpful Community and Developer Team
- Developer Team with more then 10 Years of Development Experience.

Register now and be ready for the start of Roguard Online Fortis.

Everyone who register in the forum and write an introduction thread about what he hopes to find on roguard online will be rewarded on server start with a pre-register box.

We are waiting for you
Your Roguard Online Team