MuhRO - 50x / 50x / ~25x ~ all updated classes ~ Renewal Episode 20

Started by munkrej, May 31, 2024, 01:06 PM

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this is MuhRO, a project of passionate players.

We are a very friendly community and offer a frequently updated renewal experience with lots of quality of life changes.

Our team is open to positive as well as negative feedback.
Any suggestions / wishes will be listened to - of course some may be denied ;)

Have a look, maybe you hear a moo here and there.

General Informations



Type: Renewal Episode 20 with all up to date classes
EXP Rates: Base 50x / Job 50x
Drops: logarithmic 25x
(this means the lower the usual drop chance is, the higher the bonus)
Normal / Miniboss Cards: 0.20%
MVP Cards: 0.04%
Max Base Level: 260
Max Job Level: 55
Max Aspd: 193

Server Location: EU (France)
Server Time: UTC

Staff's Languages: English, German


  • War of Emperium SE (3rd Job) / TE (2nd Job)
  • Battlegrounds (3rd Job)
  • Master Account System
  • Custom Commands
  • Lots of Costumes and Fashion Options (change position, disguise pet)
  • Discord / Ingame Link
  • Vote for Points
  • Referral / Content Creator Program
  • Automated Events
  • Set personal EXP-Rates per Character
  • EXP-Investment-Events
  • Unified RoDex
  • Game Launcher
  • Updated Eden
  • Vending Map
  • Daily Rewards
  • Main Office
  • Login Settings
  • Refinement Pity System
  • Much more and lots to come ~

Hope to see you soon ~

Muh ~