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Author Topic: MegaRO - Opening 21 May 2022 - unique mid-rate  (Read 2917 times)

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MegaRO - Opening 21 May 2022 - unique mid-rate
« on: May 03, 2022, 08:30 pm »
We invite you to the opening of the MegaRO project.

The server will be officially launched on May 21, 2022.  /kis
The game client and registration are already open.

Download, sign up now.

Official Website: https://megaro.top/
Download Client here: https://megaro.top/download/

Server Information:
  • Episode: 13.2 (classic)
  • Max Levels 99/70
  • Rates Exp: x50,
  • Drop Equip: 1%,
  • Drop Cards: 0.5%,
  • MVP Cards 0.01%

We consider these to be long-term balanced rates for the game.


All required default NPCs like:
Healer, Warper, Guild Manager, Restock, Job Changer, Skill Reset,
Refiner, Enhancer, Buffer, Announcer, Supply, PVP / BG Arenas
and many more classic basic NPCs for comfortable gameplay

Customized systems and features of the MegaRO:
Infinite quests, missions, many quest headgears, automated and hosted minigames and events,
bloody branches and dead branch rooms. Achievements, guild locations, market zone, multicurrency system.
And many more (we're talking about 30+ systems, 80+ @commands, and so on).

What about lags?

The main language of the game server: English
Server hosting location: USA
The game server is strongly optimized, tuned, DDoS, and bot protected.
Anticheat & No delay protections
Anti-lag + proxy system + RCX + /vsync built-in into the game client.
Smooth 100FPS BG, WoE, PVP

More information you can be read on our official website: https://megaro.top/