Maroll Kingdom Online - A Ragnarok Mod (Opening 2023/01/06)

Started by fllip, Nov 27, 2022, 02:43 PM

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Maroll Kingdom is a modification of the original game Ragnarok Online, and it offers players the opportunity to start at a higher level of progression known as "transcend." In addition, the basic level status has been modified to provide players with more opportunities to engage with the game's content. The basic rates for experience and item drops are set at 5/5/5, but there has been a small modification made to the experience formula to provide players with more opportunities to progress through the game.

The main focus of Maroll Kingdom is to provide a balanced and rewarding experience for all types of players, regardless of their preferred playstyle. To achieve this, the server offers a variety of gameplay modes, including Battlegrounds, Events, PvM, MvP, and PvP. All of these modes are rewarded with exclusive prizes, allowing players to earn rewards for playing the game in the way that they enjoy most. Additionally, players can earn experience and zeny from Battlegrounds matches, in addition to the traditional badges.

Maroll Kingdom is a far-off land of adventure and excitement, located beyond the borders of Rune Midgard. The kingdom is in need of a new ruler, as the current king, Marcel Marollo VII, has fallen ill and is unable to continue ruling. In order to ensure that the kingdom is in good hands, King Marcel has declared that two of his sons, Prince Guillaume and Prince Croix, will compete in a battle to determine who will be the next king.

To prepare for the appointed battle, the kingdom of Maroll is hiring mercenaries from Rune Midgard to fight on their behalf. This is a unique opportunity for players to join the fight and earn great rewards for their efforts. As a mercenary, you will fight for a prince and help them gather support from the people of Rune-Midgarts in preparation for the epic showdown. The stakes are high, and the rewards for victory will be great, so don't miss out on this chance to become a hero and help shape the future of Maroll Kingdom.


  • Pre-Renewall
  • Max Lv. 99/70
  • Max Stats 99
  • Max Aspd 190
  • Instant Cast 150 Dex
  • Base Exp Rates: 5x / 5x

Maroll Kingdom Online - Trailer

Level Mechanics
Some mechanics in Maroll Kingdom have been slightly modified while preserving the classic base of the game. You can switch to your chosen class right away, without needing to level up to Level 99 and reborn. The characters start with the maximum points of Skills and Stats to distribute, and also start with a base of 99 Hit and 99 Flee (not considering 1 Agi and 1 Dex) and the base MaxHP and MaxSP already maximized. However, these values will not increase when the character level up, unlike in classic mode. Note that gears and skills level requirements had been preserved. The experience calculation also underwent a small modification.

Weapon and Shield Sprites

For some reason the classic game produced items and equipment in large quantities while the Weapons and Shields battle sprites were left behind.
In Maroll Kingdom all Weapons and Shields have their respective sprite giving a more nostalgic feeling and enjoying the game world more deeply. More weapons and shields will be added in the future.

Despite being similar to the classic extended battlegrounds, Maroll Battlegrounds have unique systems and games. Unlike the classic mode, instead of the warriors joining a common guild, they will be automatically attached to a Party. So all skills that affect the party will be automatically released as soon as the match starts like Angelus, Magnificat, Weapon Perfection etc...

When a player join a game (@joinbg), he is randomly chosen to fight for a prince. In the end of every match, players will be rewarded with badges, zeny and experience proportionally to the player's total playing time. Skills wich requires zeny and ammunition are not consumed in battlegrounds and all kind of consumables items are forbidden however, BG exclusive consumables are given at the begging of the match and restocked for every time the player dies.

Player vs Player

In addition to the classic free-for-all mode, in Maroll Kingdom the strongest warriors team up with friends to participate in Party vs Party battle rounds. Upon winning the battle, the champion team receives Treasure Chests that can contain valuable items such as ores, exclusive gears and costumes.

To start the battle the leader of each team must sign up (enter the chatroom) for the desired mode. A complete list of treasure drops can be checked. The game starts when the chatroom is full so the team is warped and recharged. When a player dies, he is warped to the center of the map where the cemetery is. Place where you can't use skills, items or even talk.The round ends when only one party is alive or time up. All players are teleported to their respective bases and recharged and then the next round begins. The party that wins is the one that scores the most points at the end of the battle. Killing or winning the round adds points while dying or logging out decreases.

Monster Stadium
A dungeon reminiscent of the kingdom's ancestors, the Monster Stadium is a place where monsters are spawned. There are 8 portals in the corners of the map, each leading to a dungeon. The dungeons are randomly generated every few days, changing the monsters that inhabit and the dungeon map. Each map is populated by only one race type and loot is defined by its class.

MvP Room
There is a dungeon surrounded by dark magic that was sealed by holy power centuries ago. Bosses are not generated naturally, in order for them to be summoned, a MVP Scroll must be processed into magic. There are 8 summoning rooms available for booking, which access can be shared between guild members, party members or anyone. The loot of each monster has been modified and is the main way to get the Special Combo Set gears.

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