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Limit Ragnarok | 100x100x20x | 4th Jobs 250/50 | Renewal with kRO progression.


Hi friend, first, thank you for clicking into this topic and willing to check out more details of Limit Ragnarok.

Limit Ragnarok is a free private mmorpg server starting in early 2021.

Our goal is to deliver official server content with custom taste matching the community desires.

Few of our highlights are working 4th Jobs with max level 250/50, progressive server with currently Episode 16.2,  strictly English based server with Zeny RMT allowed.

Server Links
Homepage: https://www.limitragnarok.com
Discord: https://www.limitragnarok.com/discord

Basic Server Info
Max Level: 250/50 4th Jobs
Exp Rates: 100x100x
Drop Rates: 20x
MvP Card Drop Rates: 1x
Mechanism: Renewal
Content Progression: kRO progression with currently Episode 16.2
More details on our Wiki.

Server Proxies
Sao Paulo
Los Angeles

4th Jobs
We have all 4th Jobs with skills coded, you can try them out in our Coliseum map ingame.
Here is an example of Cardinal, the 4th job of Priest.
Cardinal skills showcase.


* All 3rd Job skill improvements added.
* All Illusion Dungeons
* Zeny RMT is allowed (you can buy/sell with other players)
* kRO gear progression, meaning no jRO, iRO or bRO items.
* Official seasonal events.
* Migration Package
* Latest official game client.
* Max 1 client per PC, all online people are real
* kRO content progression, check our server progression details.
If you want to join one of the most updated and active developed Ragnarok servers, give Limit Ragnarok a try :)

PS. If you play in kRO, let me know, we can play together!
Join discord to contact me any time.


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