#VLRO Vanir Labs Ragnarok Online (100/100//50)

Started by Vanir Labs, Sep 01, 2022, 06:00 PM

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Vanir Labs

🔰 #VLRO 🔰
Free server to play. We do NOT rely on donations to stay open. That means you actually have to play. MVP Items Strong as Doante!
▪Renewal ▪Latest Episode ▪3rd Transcendent Jobs (Pending 4th) ▪World Bosses! Rarest Rewards! ▪Language: English / Tagalog ▪Max Levels: 300/120
▪Max Stats: 250 ▪Max ASPD: 194 ▪Base & Job Rates: 100x ▪General Drop Rate: 100x ▪Drop Rate: 50x
▪Custom WoE times ▪GPACK REWARDS! ▪Improved WoE Rewards!
▪Premium quest items to catch you up faster!
🔰 Features 🔰
▪Enable Dual Client + Macro ▪Battle Ground System 2.0 ▪Job Change NPC ▪Healer/Buffer ▪Platinum Skill NPC
▪Universal Rental NPC ▪Warper NPC ~ Town, Field and Dungeon ▪Reset NPC ▪Quest HG NPCs ▪Ammunition Dealer
▪Supplies NPCs ▪Event Coin Rewards ▪MVP Coin System  ▪Guild Area + Premium NPCs  ▪Party/Devo Range 50 Lv
🔰 Register & Download 🔰
▪ Website: http://vlro.ca/

[ We are Fully Open! ]  /no1

I must say again here. We are a Semi-grind server. Our rates reflect 100x Base & Job that of iRO and 50x Drop rates. You will not be given crazy hand-outs to start. You must earn it. You must play. Only real players will survive on this server. If you are looking for hand-outs and a million end-game gears to start with, you're in the wrong server. We give maintenance rewards, seasonal gifts, and plenty for you to work for in the game to keep you busy.

With that in mind, good luck and enjoy our Mid-Rate.

#VLRO Team