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Started by naturespring, Apr 24, 2014, 12:42 AM

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Server Name : Balik Ragnarok Online (Chaos Server)
- x30 EXP Rates
- x40 Equipment Drop Rate
- x20 Item/Misc Drop Rate
- 10% Card Drop Rate
- Episode 9 Juno (Modified Some Settings to Pre-Renewal)
- Harmony Game Guard Protected (Anti-bot, Anti WPE/RPE Hacks)
- eAmod Server

Server Features
- 2-2 Classes Only (NO TRANS AND 3RD JOB)
- Classic Mob Spawns
- Classic Equipments and Weapons
- Costume System (Obtainable from Quests, Vote for Points and Donation *Costume has NO Stats*)
- Balanced Donation Items
- Official Refine Rates
- Pre-Renewal Job Change Quest
- Pre-Renewal Stats and Skills Formula
- Pre-Renewal Item and Equipment Monster Drop

@mi, @ii, @whereis, @whodrops, @request, @time, @commands

Temporarily Disabled Features (will be enabled in the future)
- Combo Cards
- Combo Equipmenets
- Pet Stats System
- 2nd Job Platinum Skill System
- Socket Enchant System
- Armor Enchant System
- Custom Stylist NPC
- Automated Events

Other Features
- 36 Guild Member Limit (Temporary)
- 1 Guild Alliance

Disabled Features
- Trans and 3rd Job Classes
- Custom Items
- Job Master, Warper, Reset NPCs
- Godly Items
- Item Mall

You Can Download the client and Register here

Thanks :) /ho