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Author Topic: Gate-Ro Pre-Re Episode 17.2/ Mid-Rate Server / 250x/250x/400x  (Read 537 times)

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What is G-Renewal?
It is the system of mechanics developed by Hitsuken & Odin which consists of a fusion / fully adaptation of Renewal to Pre-renewal, in G-Renewal it mixes mechanics from both Renewal and Pre-renewal in search of a balance focused on PVE & PvP while making it equal for all jobs (4th jobs, 3rd Jobs, Extended), skills and damage formulas from both Renewal and Pre-Renewal are used, the focus of G-Renewal is the Harmony which mostly the game lost once the Renewal was introduced, however many of the good things of the Renewal are used such as the diversity of Jobs, items, stats, tp etc. This is all adapted to a Base Pre-Renewal but it became so updated and modified that could not be called Pre-Re or Renewal anymore but a child of both, which is why it is called G-Renewal.

• Discord Link: https://discord.gg/QG88yGgn47


Episode 17.2 (18 Soon)
✓ 250 Base Level
✓ 50 Job Level
✓ 200 Max Status Level
✓ 191 Max Attack Speed
✓ 127 Max Talent Points

Server Type: Full Renewal Adapted to Pre-Renewal (G-Renewal)
✓ Pre-Renewal » 1-2trans, Items, Monsters, Instances and Status Bonus + Skills Formula
✓ Renewal » Item + Equipment, Maps + Mobs + Instances, 3-4th Jobs + Expanded Jobs, 4th Exclusive TP in all jobs! + Skills Formula
✓ G-Renewal> All Above! /gg

✓ Mid-Rate Server
✓ 250/250/400
✓ Normal Cards: 2%
✓ Mini Boss and MVPs: 1%

✓ Fall of Glast Heim
✓ Edda Bio Labs
✓ Old Glast Heim Challenge+Hard + normal mode
✓ Infinite Space
✓ Temple of the Demon God
✓ Endless Tower
✓ Nidhoggur's Nest
✓ Orc Memory Dungeon
✓ Sealed Shrine
✓ All Instances until 17.2
✓ All Illusion Dungeons!
✓ Dungeo F3
✓ Abyss Dungeon F4
✓ Odin Past
✓ Magma 3

✓ Race System: Vampire, Orc, Undead, Elemental, Dark and Light Elves etc.
✓ 4th Talent Points in all Jobs (Even Novice)
✓ Party Focused PvE/M
✓ Balanced 4th Job PvP. BG, Woe Ready! (check our youtube channel)
✓ kRO gear progression
✓ Championship Belts
✓ Bomberman BG
✓ Cross Server Events
✓ Battle of Admins

Server Links:

• Discord Link: https://discord.gg/QG88yGgn47

• Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/GateRagnarokOnline

• Website:http://gate-ro.com/

• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvImCU5l_DzfVbg9E4vZfQ/videos

Party Focused PvM

PvP Action

4th job showcases

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