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Started by playbaldr, Nov 13, 2023, 01:25 PM

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Play Baldr International has made a significant effort to lower the selling price of everything in order to secure its long-term viability. As we see the daily increase in zeny, the majority of easy-money-generating quests and dungeons (such as Geffenia, Ore Downgrading, Spy Quest, and many more) are presently blocked.

On the Play Baldr International server, we think that a server with a resilient economy would be able to fulfill its objectives of adding a lot of features to enhance the gameplay. Unlike any other, as we develop as a whole, our server will release its own "episodes/seasons."

Although we are now on Episode 11.2, we are always adding features and events to ensure that players have a unique experience rather than following a stale, templated flow.

With pride, Play Baldr International boasts the following:

Auto Attack for Free: This feature isn't restricted to VIP users. Since the majority of Ragnarok Online players are regular employees, we think that offering hands-free gameplay for a maximum of two hours out of every twelve hours would be one approach to make sure they have fun.

Base and Job Experience Rates of X100 and a Drop Rate of X1 – We want the community to concentrate on item grinding rather than the tiresome aspect of level grinding.

No ESB or Potions in Any Form in Cash Shop - This indicates how effectively we are safeguarding our economy. Simultaneously, we want to highlight the utilization of Potion Creation by Alchemist/Biochemist Class more.

Race of the Day - We recognize that reaching 99/70 might still be difficult at the x100 exp rates. For this reason, we included this option to give our community an extra push to reach the highest ranks. Depending on the featured monster race, all maps will have the opportunity to be explored simultaneously. Because it is harder to make zeny, this gives everyone more space to think of as their farm site.

Mini-MVP and MVP Cards are ENABLED – We are disrupting the majority of servers' meta, which views these cards as being excessively strong. The difficulty of these monsters is determined by how special their rewards may be, in addition to the effects of their own cards. We think that this will raise the level of competitiveness and foster a positive link between MVP hunters and the movement of the game market. MVP maps have PVP enabled, thus players must compete for the chance to obtain these cards. Get slain by the MVP or, if you attempt, get murdered by other players or guilds.

Battlegrounds 3.0 - This is how we personally extend an invitation to everybody. You may spend most or all of your time in BG, earn badges for your efforts, and exchange them for equipment that is exclusive to BG if you're looking for some classic PVP. In addition, several BG modes are arranged at various times so that everyone may participate, as opposed to the previous BG method of waiting for two teams to choose to play against one another.

Fashion - We are progressively developing costumes that coordinate with our event-specific offerings. We now have a two-week Halloween event going on, and the costumes you may make throughout the event fit the theme. Spooky, scary, yet cool-looking aesthetics.

Play Baldr International has already expanded to a peak population of over 700 people in just two weeks. As we add more content to the game and keep working to solve bugs that the community reports, we anticipate to expand even more.
We're just getting started, and there will be a ton of more. We think that the true nostalgia in RO is a "community-driven server." Come on over!

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