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Author Topic: EssenceZERO | 75x/75x/50x | Mid-Rate | 170/90 | PRE-RE w/ 3rd Jobs  (Read 2137 times)

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Offline ItsRas

Closed Beta Test (Completed)
Open Beta Test November 16-18 at 3 PM (GMT+8)
Website: https://essencezero.com/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/x9YnE5MyXq

Base EXP Rate: 75x
Job EXP Rate: 75x
Quest EXP Rate: 50x
Item Drop Rate: 50x
Normal Card Drop Rate: 0.50%
Mini Bosses/MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.10%

.:Other Information:.
Max Level: 170 Base / 90 Job
Max ASPD: 193
Max Stats: 150 (3rd job)
Instant Cast: 190 DEX
Party Share Limit: 30 Base Levels
Main Town: Prontera

.:Official Server Features:.
Episode: 13.2 Into the Unknown
Pre-Renewal (Disabled all renewal drops, features, items, penalty, etc...()
Third Classes: Disabled skills on PvP, WoE, MVP maps, and Battlegrounds.
Custom drops (Certain monsters will drop a headgear that resembles the monster's looks.)
Costume NPC: Any headgear can be made into a Costume headgear.
God Items: Disabled
Monster Hunter
NEW Refinement UI | Barter System | 3rd Jobs Visual Effect Skills

Kafra Employee
Job Master
Private MVP Room
PvP Warper
Party Warper (warps to specific party members.)
WOE Information
Tool Dealer
Quest Shop
Job Request Board
Coin Exchanger
Blank Card Exchanger
Card Exchanger
Stylist with 1323 clothing palettes, 297 hair palettes, and 32 hairstyles.
and more...

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