Ensure RO - [Grand opening today, 13 of April. Join us now!]

Started by Bernard, Apr 13, 2014, 01:29 AM

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Ensure Ragnarok Online

Hello! Nice to meet you!
This server is harmonious symbiosis of normal middle rate and new monsters, equip, locations and other.
Please, do not hesitate and talk me about your ideas.
Have a nice day.

Basic info:

• Episode 13.2 (without 3rd professions)
• Maximal base lvl: 99
• Maximal job lvl: 70
• Base lvl exp rate: 40x
• Job lvl exp rate: 40x
• Quest exp rate: 30x
• Drop rate: 15x
• Card drop rate: 15x
• Drop rate from MvP: 15x
• Card drop rate from MvP: 3x
• Maximal attack speed (ASPD): 190
• Instant cast abilities: 150 Dex

More info:

• Few custom locations with custom monsters:
1. Bio Laboratory 4
2. Otherworld Journey
3. Fallen Human's
4. Poring Isand

• Some automatic entertainment (Event):
1.   [Bomb Poring]
2.   [Dice Event]
3.   [Musical Chairs]
4.   [Poring Race]
5.   [Jumper]
6.   [Run for Your Life]
7.   [Poring Catcher]
8.   [Warp Event]
9.   [Lottery]
10. [Russian Roulette]

Entertainment schedule.

• Basic NPC: Warper, Healer, Kafra, Tool Dealer, Restock, Event Manager, BG - exist in all cities.
• BG/WoE/PvM consumption for a single type of badges
• Ability to transfer BG badges
• Balanced donate items, Premium Accounts
• Unique pallete for clothes and hairstyles
• Guild locations
• Restock NPC + @restock
• Trading Location

Available BG types with auto-registation:
1. Flavius: Capture the Flag
2. Flavius: Team DeathMatch
3. Conquest
4. Flavius: Stone Control
5. Rush
Free For All Arena

@order - a command only usable by Guild/Team Leaders to display a global message warning to your Guild/Team.
@leader - a command only usable by Team Leader, to give the Leader pos to another player in the Team.
@reportafk - allow a Team Leader to kick a idle/afk player from battleground.
@bgregular - display the Top 10 players of each BG type (Ranked and Regular).

List of available commands.

Standard commands:
@commands, rates, showdelay, mobinfo(monsterinfo, mi), iteminfo(ii), whodrops, refresh, time, date, die, storage, duel, invite, accept, reject, leave, main, noask, hominfo(homstats), noks, showexp, showzeny, go, autoloot, aloot, autotrade(at), feelreset, request.

Custom commands:
@emotion - use a variety of emotions (@emotion 21)
@heart - emotions in the form of hearts (@heart 2)
@dance - specific character dances (@dance 3)
@show - view location coordinates in the X and Y coordinates (@show 28 167)
@hold - team to fix the character in place
@detach (@dt) - character don't leaves the network when you exit
@petinfo - more information about pet
@whosell - information on whether there is a requested item for sale
@droplock - prohibits throw things from the inventory to the deactivation command

A system for communicating additional chats players (IRC).
@list - display a list of all created chat rooms with information.
@create - create a Chat Room with the set name and password.
@join - joins the given chat room. Need password too if required by room.
@exit - exits the given chat room.

Minimum delay between active skills: 0.2s (5 per second)
Emulator: eAmod (based on eAthena)
Protected by Harmony
Server time zone: UTC/GMT +04:00 (EET) Moskow

Allowed to use

Any quantity of windows (On BG only one)
Light effect & Grayworld GRF
Spam clickers (in active window only)
Autopots (in active window only) RoMedic and etc

Prohibited to use

Bots and Visual bots
Timer auto clickers and macros (autofeed/autowing/anti-afk)
Other auto clickers and macros (autohide and etc)
Other cheat programs, macros, bugs, errors

Web: http://ensurero.net/
Register here: http://ensurero.net/?module=account&action=create
Download client: http://ensurero.net/?module=enpage&action=downloading

Thanks for watching. We wait you!