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Author Topic: Bounty Ragnarok | Mid Rate | Revo Classic | 100x/100x/20x | Floating Rates! 8GMT  (Read 2120 times)

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Offline PurpleHaze

Warmest welcome to Bounty Ragnarok!   /lv

Previously known as Excellence RO for more than 3 years!

Base Server: Revo Classic
Max Level: 175/70
Max Stats: 130
Attack Speed: 193
Rate: 100x/100x/Customized Drop Rates. (Floating EXP + Double EXP on Weekends)

Job: 2nd Job Transcendent (Lord Knight, Assassin Cross, etc.)
Item drop rates: Customized to balance.
MVP & Mini-Boss Card: 0.01%
Normal Card: 1%

Gameguard: Gepard Shield Protection (3.0) & Double Encrypted Client Secure, Anti DDOS VPS.
Security: Anti-Bot, Anti-Macro, Anti-Hack, Anti-WPE, Anti-OpenCore, Anti-RPE, Anti-Cheat-Engine

Main town: Customized Prontera (Change Main town Every Episode)
Main town BGM Track: Prontera BGM Song + Customized updated songs!
Town BGM Track: Original (Don't worry, you will still hear Prontera songs. We know you don't want to miss them)

Freebies: Customized
Guild Migration Packages: Customized
Instances: Will follow as the episodes going forward!
Events: A lot! With a lot of giveaways and prizes!

Play with your Mobile Phone :
Yes! You can play Bounty Ragnarok using your mobile phone. We do support Android OS, iOS, iPad, Windows OS, Linux OS, MacOS(Soon) Basically Almost Everywhere!

"Play and Earn Real Money"
One of the rare server or games that can earn you money while having fun!
Imagine, doing what you love the most while earning!
Come and check out more details down below!

We want to let you know that Bounty Ragnarok Private Server is a brand new fresh server created by many well-known developers of Ragnarok Private Servers. All Across South East Asia

Our vision for the upcoming years is to create a reliable bubble; a place for us to put our hearts through Private Bounty Ragnarok Community.

We will create a great positive environment, an enjoyable place to connect with people and to become friends in real life.
That is and will always be our mission. We are building a solid growing community that is worth the trust, your time and effort

So if you are looking for fun, challenging, stress relief, make friends, even meet your soulmate (who knows?), this is the perfect place for you not to just play, but to stay.

Website: http://bountyragnarok.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Bounty-Ragnarok-100267439001203
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bountyragnarok
Discord Group: https://discord.gg/eF5NGw3Rjw

Download Links:

Full Installer:


Google Drive:

Lite Installer:


Looking forward to seeing you in-game!  ::)