NEW SERVER Asia Ragnarok Online International Server 75x/75x/Modified

Started by asiaragnarok, Jun 09, 2014, 04:13 AM

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Very Balanced Mid Rate Server !
24/7 Server UpTime
VPS Loc : Singapore
Rate (Base Exp/Job Exp/Drop): 75x/75x/Modified
Max Base Level / Job Level : 99/70
Drop Rate MVP/Miniboss Card : 0,1%
Drop Normal Card : 1%
Transcendent 2nd Job Classes (Champion,Lord Knight,Stalker,High Wizard,etc)
Max ASPD 190
Freebies Items on first login of new accounts
Automated NPC Events
Active,Friendly,and Proffesional Staffs
Lag-Free, Balanced and Stable
Custom NPCs for a more enjoyable gaming experience
Dual Login Enabled
Autotrade System (Vending and Buying Store)
Rewards System(Newbie,Guild,etc)
NPC List :
Bloody Branch Quest
Endless Tower Enable
Item Mall NPC
Card Remover
Buffer NPC include Repair
Reset NPC
Universal Rental NPC
Platinum Skill NPC
Lisa The Identifier
Stylist NPC
Banker NPC
Sean the Headgear Maker
Job Changer
Warper with modified system
Tool Dealer
PVP Warper
GM Online List
PVP Ladder
and many more NPCs in game
Come and join use and make friends with various players(INDONESIA,MALAYSIA,SINGAPORE,THAILAND,PHILIPPINES,VIET AND OTHERS)
Control Panel :

/no1 /no1 /no1 /no1