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Author Topic: Aeon Ragnarok Online | Mid-Rate | 99/70 | Friendly Community  (Read 1533 times)

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Presenting Aeon Ragnarok Online Server!

And many more in-game! What are you waiting for? Like and Follow our Facebook Page for more updates!
Join our facebook community: www.fb.com/groups/aeonro
Discord server: https://discord.gg/PTc2GEErdm

🌟Server Infos🌟
-99/70 Mid-rate Server | Pre-renewal Trans
-Base EXP 30x | Job EXP 30x
-Normal Drops 15x
-Equipment Drops 20x
-Card Drops 20x
-MVP Drops 10x
-Max Aspd 190
-Instant Cast 150 Dex
-Guild Cap 20 | No Alliance
-Party Cap 12 | +10% Even Share Bonus

🌟Server Features🌟
-High Definition in Game Textures (download full installer)
-Professional non BIAS GM Team
-Daily Events automated and GM Hosted
-Sabong In-Game Betting
-MVP/mini BOSS Cards can be traded to PODs (MVP HP Buffed)
-PK on MVP Maps (PK off if MVP dies)
-Enhanced Expanded Jobs and other Skills
-Job Changer
-Reset NPC
-Card Remover
-VIP System
-Hourly Shop (w/ Vote4Points convertible)
-Daily Supply
-Hunting Mission
-Repeatable EXP Quests
-Battlegrounds (Extended BG, Telma Supplier enabled)
-King of Emperium (with Barricade, bigger map, more competitive)
-Pet Friendly Bonus

🌟Gameplay Feature🌟
-Singapore Hosted w/ US, EU Proxy
-GePard 3.0 Protection
-Anti DDOS Protection
-Anti Macro
-!vsync | @LGP | @battleinfo | @packetfilter

🌟In-Game Commands🌟
mall, rates, refresh, iteminfo, mobinfo, noask, load, go, noks, time, uptime, changegm, accept, leave, duel, whereis, whodrops, request, homstats, autoloot, autoloot1, autoloot10, autoloot50, viptime