The Fractured Realms - 50x/50x/1.5x 9999/110 (custom EXP per level)

Started by khalint, Mar 07, 2023, 10:29 AM

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The Fractured Realms is a modified server featuring renewal and pre-renewal mechanics mixed together. I have been working on this server for over 10 years (most of the work in the last 5) and it is finally ready to be released!

We are on Episode 17.2 but there is a fair amount of content from Episode 18 and 19 added. Much of Issgard has been added though there's no NPCs or quests, just monsters and most drops.

Varmundt Biospheres are fully added minus quests, all drops and upgrades are available. The new Clock Tower basement map has been added along with Amicitia and the Nifleheim Dungeon.

The rates look lower than they really are, required EXP per level has been changed and it should feel more like a mid rate server early on. Later levels after 5000 and especially 8000 will be a bit slower.

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We have a Wiki too:

Rates are a little variable, under level 100 is around 6x rates but 100-175 is much faster around 30x. Beyond that is completely custom but the path to 9999 is somewhat long. Monsters grow in levels along with the player and give more exp to help reach 9999. You also have to unlock your level cap through in game activities. Minibosses MVPs and Rift Bosses all give soul points when killed for the first time as one way. Rebirthing also raises level cap.

Gear randomly drops from monsters with enchantments based on the monsters level. These enchantments include things like base stats and crit but also new stats Spell Echo, Multistrike, Double Damage and Auto Attack Damage to name a few.

Charms are items that work from your inventory and grant bonuses just like equipment. There are 10 normal charms (and possibly a few more that you can find). Only one copy of any charm will work so if you have 2 only one actually gives you anything.

Costumes and shadow gear can drop from monsters and also have enchantments (though weaker ones). Over 600 shadow items and 1500 costumes are available as drops.

Multiple rebirths are possible, class changing to any class you have previously leveled up, play with a sub class and gain all the skills of any of your other class and mix and match them to find new class combinations. You can also wear gear for your sub-class (except weapons). Skills have been reworked to make them more useful and to work in most cases as sub job skills or passives.

Teleport and warp npcs are mostly disabled and in place are Warp Stones, which are waypoint like structures that when you visit them become unlocked so you can come back any time.

Rifts pop up in just about every map and are higher level randomly generated maps with random monsters and a random MVP as the final boss if you clear them quickly enough. Faster clear times gets better rewards. Higher level versions of existing dungeons are also available in some cases which have improved drops and in the future entirely new upgraded items will be available.

Monsters can also invade maps from their rifts randomly. When this happens players can band together to take them all down and eventually an invasion MVP will show up. When killed everyone on the map gets loot as long as they are actively participating. There's special bloody branches that can drop from normal rifts that can also trigger these invasions.

This is only a basic outline, there is so much more to find here. Come check it out!