CelticRO - Programer experiece.

Started by dudufangor, May 28, 2014, 11:44 PM

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Hey i just have turned the key on http://celticro.com.br.

This server is a Mid XP server 100/100/100, the website is currently in development only a registration form and online players counter is deployed since i'm not using one of the many pre-made php websites for RO servers, but developing one from scratch in Ruby On Rails.

Im hosting the server in a very good VPS, but a few players would be welcome to help me benchmark my server and check for lag and help me fine tune the server,

As i said everyone is welcome, the server really has no lag whatsoever since is hosted in a very good vps, i don't intend to shut it down anytime soon.

I work as a programmer during the day and take care of the server after work(not much to take care of currently), so both suggestions directed to the server or the website are welcome.

Doubts/Problems/SUGGESTIONS contact me at [email protected].