Specific Build for a creator vs Kimi CEline

Started by alestare, Aug 16, 2019, 02:17 PM

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Hi! First of all, sry for my bad english  /??

Im a creator 255/120  on a server custom (RagniteRO)  3k/3k/6k  3% drop mvp card. Server is like pre-Re but we got renewal stuff, the hing is i never played renewal so there are some things that ive never tried before, like horrot toy factory.
Actually, the instance goes  good since i face the mvp, wich  hits me sometimes like 70k.
Ill try to post a video and some images of my build.
There are custom items on headgears, some  stat buffs basically.
I am here to ask you guys, wich cards and  equipment do you recommend me to use to resist the mvp while i bomb her.
i really appreciate your help!

My equip :
Head : Crown of deceit of reload [Kiel card] : int+8 reduces 5% demihuman
Head mid: glasses of reload [kiel card] : int+5
Head low: Gentlemans pipe [kiel card]: 2% human redu
Body: +7 sprint mail /Ghost Sprint mail [ Ghostring - marc card]: vit +1 hp recovery 5%
Weapon: elemental sword [ 2x doppel, 1x centipede larva]
Shield: +7 valkyria Shield [Alice/GTB]
Garment : Proxy skin [Raydric]
Shoes: Sprint Shoes [Moonlight /Amon Ra]
Acce 1: Sprint ring [1]: Alligator card
acce 2: Glorious ring (10% def all elements , 5% aftercast delay, etc.)

65+5 Str
113+7 Agi
156+4 Vit
255+27 Int
134+16 Dex
6+11 LUK


Hi hi, if you want to defeat Kimi you need a lot of preparation, coordination and... speed! When we tried comps on HTF our biggest challange was the time, you only have 1 hour to complete it.

Celine Kimi is one of the hardest MvPs I've faced in Ragnite, the party must deal damage of Kimi and her shadow or they will heal when the gap between their current Hp is 120k or 200k I think
Kimi and the shadow cannot be to far away from each other or they will reset /wah
The Max Pain skill is a pain... you shouldn't focus Kimi when she is golden
Pulse strike and the Fire wall thing are so annoying, RSX is a super must
The custom thing about Kimi is that in Ragnite the MvPs casts their skills more often so be aware of that!

Kimi Tactics:

Never go alone!
One creator focusing Kimi and another creator focusing the Shadow is the best comp but their need coordination
A Sniper with Sharp Shooting (1 luk + Immaterial Arrow + Thanatos card) can be very effective but is hard to get a good position
A High wizard with Storm gust and LoV (Vesper cards + Ancient tree cards) is the easiest option it is also the slowest comp to defeat Kimi
A Paladin, Clown and a High priest will be your best friends in Horror toy factory but ALL the party members should at least have:
     Cannot be knocked back.
     Anti Sleep
     Anti Stone Curse
     Lots of blue pots and mastelas

Celine Kimi Skills: https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_mob_skill_analysis&m_id=2996&m_name=Celine%20Kimi

- Must use x2 Gemini cards or Medusa card to avoid Stone Curse
- Must use x2 Gemini cards or Nightmare card to avoid Sleep
- Be prepared to use a lot of Light blue pots
- Gtb card can be useful if you have Devotion so Celine cannot dispel you
- Must use RSX card !!

Mvp equipment:

Head up: Anubis Helm [Kiel card] (Cash Shop) - Reduces 10% damage from MvPs, +10% healing and Mdef +5
Head mid: Red glasses / Wings of Victory [Kiel card] : int+5 / Mdef +10
Head low: Rainbow Scarf [Kiel card]: Int and Mdef +1
Body: Bakonawa Scale Armor [RSX card] (Bakonawa Lake): All stats +2, decrease damage from MvPs by refine
Weapon: Elemental Sword [ 2x Doppel, 1x Randgris]
Shield: Kalasag Bayani [Alice card / Gtb card / Medusa card] (Bakonawa Cave/Buwaya Lake): Reduces damage from MvPs by refine
Garment : Buwaya Sack Cloth Bayani [Raydric card] (Buwaya Lake): Reduces 10% damage from Fire/Water/Wind/Earth and increase healing by refine
Shoes: Bangungot Boots of Nightmare Bayani [Moonlight card /Amon Ra card] (Bangungot hospital): Increase mdef by refine
Acce 1: Expert Ring [Alligator card / Yoyo card / Beelzebub card]: -5% Delay
Acce 2: Expert Ring [Alligator card / Yoyo card / Beelzebub card]: -5% Delay

10+5 Str (Get Gym pass to use less Str)
1+7 Agi
??+4 Vit (Get all the Vit)
255+27 Int
134+16 Dex (If using Beelze, use 1 Dex)
9+11 Luk (Just to complete the PD bonus)


ty so much! it was very helpfull! i really ppreciate it <3


just do @additem xxxx to get whatever you want and import it to a gvg server