Need Help on Alchemist test

Started by VampiricFrenzy, Feb 18, 2007, 11:42 AM

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Can somebody help me on the Alchemist test?

Bring detrimindexta and karvodailnirol to the inn in Al De Baran and
   talk to an NPC named Louitz, the NPC in Geffen known as Aure Dupon 
   and Molgenstain who can be found at the blacksmith Job Upgrade 
   location in Geffen. After completing this quest, talk to the NPC Van
   Helmont again to continue with the job upgrade quest.

Thats the part that i'm on. I'm kinda confused about this but ok. I'll be on RO
RO: Nightroad


What makes you confused in this? Could you please be more precise?



That is just the part i'm on right now. How is that not specific. I just need help on what to do next on this part.


do... what it says to do. O.o yes.


Ok, but where is the bloody inn? I looked in the whole city and couldnt find it.


iirc it should be the inn in morroc.. but im not for sure.


Basically they are asking you to do the mixing quest.

It starts with Louitz in Alberta, if I recall he's inside a house in the middle alley of town.

Then you gotta talk to Aure Dupon, East gate or Geffen.

Finally, talk to Molgenstein, he's in geffen on top of the old smith guild.
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don't forget you have to have alcohol, and the two orange & blue test tube thing with you (kvar and hmm something ... can't spell someone help..)  you gotta have them in ur inventory otherwise the guy in the alberta inn 2nd room won't tell u the things you need to know so you can't get further into the quest (meeting the guy in geffen).

LOK Shane


i'm new here but err....
maybe u sud have a look at this website they have the guide's and walk thru with the map and location of npc stated for your reference.

That how i get my alchemist done.
The same goes to all of it relevent skill and quest also how to get the homunculus.

Hope it will help ya like it helped me.