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Started by Neinouran, Apr 30, 2017, 12:23 AM

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anyone who can give me guide of battlesmith (leveling and stat guide) mainly for pvm/mvp, let's say low rate~mid rate , pre-renewal/renewal ( sorry for asking too much  /wah because i am still choosing a server )


What is battlesmith? You mean blacksmith and/or it's advanced version whitesmith/mastersmith.
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Okay, battlesmith = normally you mean you can fight and forge. Am I right? I did the same thing as a starting character, no zeny capital, and now I can farm 2m/hour (just discovered this) without selling to people (who may take a while to buy stuff). Pure loot.

The way that is fun to play, for me, at least, is to get as much STR as you can, followed by AGI. DEX will be capped at 40 or 50 (you'll be fine), then some luck (but I like crits).

Do bounty boards, especially wolves in Payon, up to sixty-five. You could go higher. You then do Sohees again and again. This will get you to 90ish if you don't mind the grind. From there, wherever you wish. Find a party and get helped in low TI. Sleepers and harpies, good XP and drops, but watch for mobs.

Use a big axe, if you are on iRO, rent the Light Epsilon. It's good and gives you movement speed.

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You first have to check if they modified Mamonite or Cart termination zeny fee. Some servers have fees disabled and if it's you should hunt pasana or gefenia.