Forging with a WS

Started by dabsterismo, Sep 15, 2012, 11:07 PM

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pa2long po. Best stats and skills for WS forging type asap!!! im in pRO Valkyrie server


pa2long po[whatever that means lol] 4u2 !!!

As yC said at shout box:
Quote from: yCdab forging is depend on dex and luk, depend how extreme you want to get


so dex 99 and luk 99 would be the great stats for a forger? am i right?


Yep, that would be the best.


I said that because it depend if your server has stats/skill reset available and how hard you are willing to level with just dex and luk. 

If you go with the super extreme 99 dex + 99 luk, that leave you as a leech for life unless you can reset stats when you are done all your leveling.  If you still want the joy of playing a smith why not go a more diverse route like get more str and agi, 80~90 dex is fine but anything more than 30 luk is not worth it for me, you can get 30 luk from gloria, plus other buff you don't really have to stress yourself too much in own stats.

For the basic blacksmith forging you can read the "notes" in our forging calculator to see what can boost your forging chances.  Or just play around with the calc to see if it's worth it for you to go to the extreme.


i just want a forger WS just to forge, upgrade and make elemental weapons... it was'nt my primary char, i want it just to have fun of with its skills and to make weapons w/ its name on it! thx guys!

anyway.. thx guys!!!  /ok


1. 99 dex and luk with max base job (that's 70 for WS but 50 Mech)
2. 4slot drops/poring knife or fortune sword
3. mastering/vocal armor dimik is only for High-Rate Servers!
4. bunnyband/aoa ... basically anything for dex/luk (skip grandpecopeco!)
5. gloria and blessing from priest
6. food items (+10 to dex and luk)
7. box of gloom ... card drop
8. marionette control from Gypsy/Minstrel


That list is a bit wrong in some steps. Nowadays, those setups go like this.

1. Reset
2. Marionette
3. Equip gears
4. Put Guild Leader near your char
5. Gospel for +20 stats
6. Food and other consumables
7. HP Buffs
8. Make item

The way you told to do will end with points wasted from the mc[Marionette Control] since they add (base stats/2) to the max of 99 total[ws+mc char stats in each type of stat] so the less stats you've in the char that you want to make items before using mc, the better.

In case you wonder if items with -stats work to decrease stats before mc, by default they don't.


i want to know, does that max luk and dex works with any server? or just some server, thx


Unless the server has no resets - or any special custom configuration - , it should be. If it doesn't have, unless you want to do a new char each time you want to forge, you're better with a levelling build and just use the mc, buffs and gear as a complementary since you can't maximize the values as one playing on a server where they're available.

PS - There may be a chance where I may be wrong since I don't play RO for quite a while but I think that it works like this, or at least is what I remember.